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Reliable Mass Production Services

DEK is a manufacturer of high-volume, high-quality precision parts that can offer you great prices. We use the latest cutting-edge manufacturing techniques to produce complex parts with tight tolerances.


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Premium Quality Mass Production Service

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DEK's mass production is characterized by precision, consistency and efficiency, ensuring high-quality products are produced quickly. It minimizes human error, reduces labor costs, and can manufacture complex parts of any geometry. We offer more than 50 types of metals and plastics, providing high-precision mass production of parts for a variety of industries

DEK's advanced technology and automated processes enable mass-produced parts to have tight tolerances and shorten delivery times by 40%. We continuously optimize the production process to provide you with the best prices on the market, allowing you to save 30% of costs and provide Consistently high quality products.

If you have a large order of precision parts and are looking for quality manufacturers at affordable prices, DEK has unlimited customization possibilities, feel free to contact the DEK team for maximum support!

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Our Capabilities

CNC Machining

Elevate Your Product Precision with Our CNC Machining Capabilities. From CNC milling and turning to precision grinding, we deliver top-quality parts.

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Injection Molding

Experience Efficiency and Precision with Our Injection Molding Capabilities. We turn your concepts into reality and with exceptional quality.

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Die Casting

Experience Efficiency and Precision with Our Custom Die Casting Capabilities, from design to production, ensuring that your products meet the highest standards and meet your unique needs.

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Sheet Metal Fabrication

Choose Our Sheet Metal Fabrication Capabilities, we specilize in laser cutting, bending and more. You will get high precise and high-quality parts.

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Our Highlights


We achieve incredibly accurate results by using the most advanced computer-controlled machines and efficient processes, ensuring consistency across large production runs.

Quick Quotation

Through online consultation, you will get a quick response within 6 hours, and DEK's professional engineering team will provide a quotation based on the customized details of the project.

Fast Production

Our automated systems can operate continuously, working around the clock to manufacture parts quickly. Whether producing hundreds or thousands of parts, we can efficiently adapt to varying production volumes without sacrificing quality or efficiency.



Knowledge about CNC Machining

What is CNC Machining?

DEKs combines its instant quoting tool and a global network of CNC machining centers to manufacture custom parts for applications ranging from rapid prototyping to serial production. You can use Hubs’ digital manufacturing platform to source high quality, complex metal and plastic parts efficiently and reliably.

To start sourcing CNC-machined parts with Hubs, simply upload a CAD file and technical drawing to our free quote building tool. You’ll either receive an instant CNC quote and be able to start production in only a few clicks, or you’ll be directed to one of our engineers for potential design for manufacturability ( DFM ) guidance.

How does DEK’s custom CNC machining service work?

CNC machining is the most common subtractive manufacturing technology available today and an optimal method for producing custom metal and plastic parts for prototyping and production applications. Using CAD (computer-aided design) modeling software and G-code, CNC milling and CNC turning machines remove material from a solid workpiece with precision and speed.

CNC machines manufacture robust parts with tight tolerances and a range of impressive material properties (mechanical and chemical). Our custom CNC machining service is ideal for one-off jobs and low-to-medium volume production, thanks to automation and high repeatability.

Why need Mass Production?



Mass Production Buying FAQs

We have expertise in manufacturing high volumes of precision components in the aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, medical, electronics, energy, robotics, agriculture, telecom, construction, oil & gas, sports, design services, hardware startups, lighting, and consumer electronics sectors.
Any quantity from 1 to over 100,000 parts per batch order, we handle low, medium, and high volumes with the same expertise and responsiveness.
Strict quality assurance protocols like automated in-process inspection, coordinated measurement machine checks, inline error proofing, strict process controls, traceability, and extensive operator training.
There is no minimum order quantity, but we customize pricing accordingly for every client. Higher volumes earn additional discounts without strict minimum quantity requirements.
Our facility and workforce are structured to rapidly scale production as needed for clients, whether order sizes grow 50% or 500%.

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