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Through complete customization and fully optimized machining, DEK is the best precision wire EDM services company to facilitate your every wire-cut EDM need.

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DEK facilitates you to order your custom high-performance and top-quality wire EDM parts at low prices. Our wire EDM machines are designed to enhance the operations, efficiency, and performance of all types of parts required by you.

Our facility is climate-controlled and ensures consistency and exactness in every wire EDM cut and every part. DEK feature technologically enhanced wire-cut EDM machines. These exceptional wire EDM machines have the ability to machine parts in an extremely accurate way and with high cutting speed while maintaining powerful process control. Moreover, we can achieve dimensional accuracy of +/-0.001mm with precision.

Precision Wire EDM Serivices WEDM Services

Why Choose Our Precision Wire EDM Services?

Quality Assurance

When it comes to machine parts with precision and by following the highest quality standards that sometimes exceed the quality limits, DEK has a reputation for this and the reason why our customers choose our wire-cut EDM services. The quality we maintain and enhance part after part is what convinces our customers to stay with us. With advanced technology and state-of-the-art wire EDM equipment, we are committed to giving you top-quality parts that can perform exceptionally.

Passion for Precision

Being passionate about the thing we do and the services we offer is what define us. That's also one of the reasons behind our complete focus on successfully machining your complex designed custom parts. Most importantly, DEK always sticks to what promises it makes and is passionate about it. Being honest is a great part of this job, and we won't make promises that we can't keep.

Quality Control

DEK's advanced quality control systems and a team of highly trained professionals ensure your parts will be machined in the right way. Our state-of-the-art wire EDM equipment and technologically enhanced techniques enable us to improve and enhance the quality of your parts on a continual basis. The in-depth knowledge of our engineers helps us ensure that your job is completed as described in your specifications.

Leading Technology

Our powerful state-of-the-art wire EDM technologies enable us to improve the quality and performance of our machined parts. DEK's ongoing success is the direct result of our technologically enhanced wire EDM equipment use. We improve results and thrive in an aggressive wire EDM machining environment.

Reliable On-Time Delivery

At DEM, our experienced staff with advanced monitoring equipment monitors the progress of every wire EDM parts production-related job on a daily basis. Our fully optimized schedule and machining processes enable us to increase production in cost-effective manners. We are able to resolve any potential problems before they arise, and these key factors enabled us to provide you with consistent and reliable on-time delivery.

Excellent Services

Our team plays an important part in our success, and we are fast and responsive. We offer everything related to wire EDM, including specs, datasheets, or dimensions. We believe in offering you top-quality customer services whenever you need them.

Exceptional Capabilities

The most interesting thing about DEK is that we only present top-quality products and parts. Our machined parts will work in the perfect manners and operate consistently. With the perfect material selection ability, our machined parts can perform exceptionally over the long term and help your business increase both efficiency and productivity. DEK is capable of processing your ever Wire EDM-related need.

Great Experience

DEK's 10+ years of field experience working with large/small international-level companies makes us specify, design, and machine parts for just about any application. DEK staff of engineers live and breathe wire EDM technology, and that's the reason why businesses turn to us when they need new equipment.

Common Metals for Wire EDM Services

Virtually any material that is conductive is a perfect one for wire EDM, and it includes all the metals. DEK’s wire-cut EDM equipment also can machine plastic, metal alloys, exotic and precious metals. Below are some most common options.


Alloy Steels

The surface of the alloy steel is subjected to extremely high temperatures causing it to melt or vaporize. Through wire EDM, you can have a steel part with a satisfactory life-span. Alloy steel is wear-resistant and prevents/eliminates the chances of unexpected defects occurring on its surface.


Stainless Steel

The most interesting thing about wire EDM that it can produce complex shapes out of almost any electrically conductive material, specifically stainless steel. Machined stainless steel parts mostly a part of the aerospace, automotive, surgical fields.



Aluminum is the most common conductive material for wire EDM that can be cut into a precisely accurate part. Aluminum machined parts are mostly appreciated in various engineering applications that thrive for stiffness and high strength in parts. Moreover, the use of aluminum as a wire-cut EDM material is expanding in the aviation, automotive, and marine industries.



It is a good material for wire-cut EDM and is known for its properties that ease the machining process. It’s an alloy of copper and zinc but does not resist wear. DEK uses industrial-grade brass to achieve precision in wire EDM machined parts.



Bronze is highly electrically conductive that can be machined successfully with wire EDM in cost-effective manners. Through DEK, you can achieve perfect surface finishing and coating for your perfectly machined custom bronze parts. Bronze can improve safety and be effectively machined to obtain optimum results.



Copper and its alloys can be perfectly machined through wire EDM—applications including electrical contact and electrode feature copper as the base material for relative parts. Moreover, copper is cost-effective material, and DEK’s selection of the best industrial-grade copper will result in high-performance and quality copper parts.



Iron can be efficient and productive for you, and it offers numerous structural and physical advantages over many other wire EDM materials, including steel and aluminum. Wire EDM has the ability to improve your iron parts’ performance and quality.



Nickel alloys are resistant to high temperatures and corrosion and hard to machine because they harden rapidly. Nickel generates heat when being cut. However, due to its high shear strengths, it offers high resistance to metal removal. Wire EDM is proven perfect for machining nickel parts.



It is one of the most required materials for wire EDM and also the best for airplane or heavy-duty medical equipment. It offers high resistance against aggressive environments. DEK’s selection of industrial-grade titanium is a guarantee high-quality parts that last longer and provide better performance and results than other materials.



Exotic materials like gold are difficult to machine but can be extremely easier with wire EDM. It helps gold maintain its benefits and properties during the machining process and output precisely accurate results. Gold is the third-best electrically conductive material after platinum and titanium.



In modern applications, including industry and electrical, platinum is known as an ideal material for advanced parts. It is highly conductive, and that makes it perfect for applications such as implantable sensors in the medical industry. Machining this exotic material with wire EDM is the best way to achieve extremely accurate results.



This exotic material is one of the best electrically conductive materials and features properties that are perfect for wire EDM materials. Despite being tarnished easily, machined, silver parts can be cleaned and polished easily. DEK has advanced wire EDM equipment to machine silver precisely and achieves tighter tolerances to give you the best possible results.

Hear What Our Clients Say About Our Wire Cut EDM Services

I cannot thank DEK enough for the customer service and quality parts we received. The staff there helped us greatly in finalizing our requirements and designs. The delivery was on time, and they deal with us in the most friendly and professional way possible. Their focus on safety, attention to detail, quality, in-detailed inspection, and efficient teamwork is what inspired us to work with DEK again. We also appreciate all the upfront planning DEK did, which also saved us a lot of costs. Despite all the hazards and potential risks, the DEK crew managed to exceed our expectations and gave us something to cheer for.
Tracy Fowler
Mold Engineer
I have 5+ years of experience working with DEK and know that it's a top-notch company. Their wire-cut EDM services are great, and they did a great job machining and delivering the required parts on time and safely. I admire their in-detail work and perfection while maintaining an exceptional surface finish on my parts. It's also impressive the way they are adopting new technologies and making the job look easier. My team and I are very happy with the professional job your crew did. I want to thank the whole DEK team for assisting me with my purchase.
Christal Jackson
Mold Engineer

Our Wire EDM Services as a Perfect Solution for Your Challenging Parts

What makes DEK the leading wire EDM services provider is the quality control, top-grade material selection, and precision machining to achieve tighter tolerances of your parts to maintain exceptional quality and performance. Our primary focus is to surpass your expectations and give you exactly what you desire. DEK’s wire EDM services are cost-efficient and feature prices that are unbeatable in the whole market.

Contact us to learn more about wire-cut EDM services and request a quote today at the best price.

Guide To Wire EDM & Buying F.A.Q

Wire Cut EDM has the ability to perform ultraprecision machining of miniaturized parts to extremely powerful solutions for modern machining.

Wire EDM is also known for machining parts with extreme accuracy.

In this FAQ article, you will learn how Wire EDM is an essential part of modern machining to achieve precision parts in a cost-effective manner.

Moreover, you will learn the way DEK offers its Wire Cut EDM services to its customers internationally.

Table of Contents
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    What is Wire EDM (Wire Cut EDM) Process?

    Figure 1 – The Concept of Centerless Grinding

    Wire EDM (Electric Discharge Machining) is also popular by the names of wire-cut EDM, cire cutting, wire burning, EDM cutting, and wire erosion.

    WEDM cuts or shape a workpiece by using a metallic wire that is a thin electrode wire based on a precision programmed path.

    In general, electrode diameters range from 0.004 inches to 0.012 inches (0.10mm – 0.30mm).

    However, larger or smaller electrode diameters also achievable with Wire EDM.

    No contact between the cutting wire and the workpiece is what gives the wire-cut DEM cutting process uniqueness.

    No direct contact between wire and workpiece also allows for part cutting without causing any distortion in the machining process.

    The Wire EDM process starts by rapidly charging the wire to the desired voltage while the wire is placed in deionized water.

    A spark jumps the gap between the workpiece and the cutting wire and starts melting/shaping it when the correct level of voltage required is maintained.

    The deionized water helps to cool and flushing away the small particles or waste from the gap.

    The most interesting thing about wire EDM is that the hardness of the material has no effect on the cutting speed of the cutting wire.

    The blanking punches and extrusion dies are some of the most common machined parts by wire cut EDM.

    How Wire EDM Works?

    Figure 2 – The Working Mechanism of Centerless Grinding Process

    Wire-cut EDM always cuts through the entire material. In order to start wire machining, the first step is to drill a hole precisely that is dimensionally accurate or simply start from the edge.

    On the machining area, each discharge creates an impact on the tool and a crater in the material.

    The cutting wire is mostly made of brass/stratified copper, and there is also no mechanical contact between material and electrode.

    Moreover, the wire usually has a diameter between 0.1mm – 0.3mm.

    Most importantly, extreme complexity is an easy task for wire EDM and able to machine precision parts out of hard conductive materials.

    This cutting process is sparking, and in order to reduce sparking from shorting out, a non-conductive fluid/water is also a part of the complete process and also help to remove waste material, and the process continues.

    How Accurate and Fast is Wire EDM?

    Figure 3 – The Different Shapes for Centerless Grinding

    Wire EDM is known to be extremely accurate and has the ability to manufacture parts rapidly as well as in cost-effective manners.

    It can machine any material that is electrically conductive, and that also includes some extremely hard and exotic ones that can be extremely hard to machine otherwise.

    Wire EDM is completely programmable, and this gives it the ability to cut intricate and delicate shapes.

    Machining parts and achieving complex shapes with wore-cut EDM is one of the most precise machining methods achieved by experienced engineers. 

    With advanced technology and state-of-the-art wire EDM machines, manufacturing parts rapidly with high precision and high responsiveness is possible.

    Some of the followings are what lead to extremely high speed and high precision wire EDM machining:

    • Automatic wire-cut EDM processes
    • Surface finishing of parts featuring the complex shapes

    What are the Materials for Wire EDM?

    Figure 4 - Different Materials for Centerless Grinding

    Wire EDM can machine precision parts with extremely tight tolerances with the help of industrial-grade material selection.

    However, every machinable material for wire-cut EDM needs to be electrically conductive.

    Although, materials similar to high-nickel alloys that are mostly found in the aerospace industry can be a challenge for wire EDM.

    Slower EDM cycle times and variations of electrode materials can be a possible answer to this solution.

    The following are the core materials wire EDM works with:

    • Austenitic Stainless
    • Aluminum
    • Alloy Steels
    • Bronze Alloys
    • Brass
    • Carbon Steel
    • Copper
    • Carbide
    • Cobalt
    • Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN)
    • Iron
    • Lead
    • Martensitic Stainless
    • Magnesium
    • Nickel
    • Stainless Steel
    • Tool Steel
    • Titanium
    • Tin

    Additionally, wire-cut EDM can also machine the following exotic and precious metals with extreme precision and accuracy with top-notch surface finishing:

    • Gold
    • Hastelloy
    • Inconel
    • Monel
    • Molybdenum
    • Platinum
    • Silver
    • Waspaloy

    Moreover, wire EDM is also known as a stress-free part manufacturing process because of no direct force applied to the workpiece.

    But it is still a thermal process and can change the metallurgy of the material via recasts and micro-cracking.

    What are the Advantages of Wire EDM?

    Wire EDM offers many exceptional advantages that make it the easiest and most convenient machining process for manufacturing precision parts.

    Its high precision allows it to machined parts with extremely complex shapes without facing any problem or error.

    Its ability to work with industrial-grade hard materials means it can achieve tighter tolerances as required.

    Wire EDM’s ability to handle the high level of part complexity also means that it also can machine extremely small and intricate parts.

    Additionally, the following are some core advantages of using wire EDM:

    • Excellent surface finish
    • Cost-effective and highly efficient
    • A high degree of accuracy
    • Accurate, predictable, programmable, and repeatable
    • Utilizes a relatively compact workspace
    • Suitable for hardened/exotic materials

    Most importantly, wire EDM also eliminates the possibilities of distortion arising from post-machining processes.

    Furthermore, it allows machining of features that would be extremely difficult or nearly impossible using conventional machining methods.

    What are the Applications of Wire EDM?

    Figure 6 – Perfectly Manufactured Cylindrical Parts Through Centerless Grinding

    Wire EDM is common in die and mold manufacturing processes and has also proven extremely productive in everything from prototyping to full-volume production.

    Industrial, engineering, or similar applications that require low levels of residual stress have the most use of wire EDM technology.

    Moreover, it is also a great option for manufacturing metal parts and tools.

    Most importantly, the most parts wire EDM works with are related to the automotive, aerospace, and electronics industries.

    It is also an ideal option for delicate/small parts, thick parts that require extreme precision, and complex shapes.

    It’s also proven extremely useful when it comes to machining parts related to medical and surgical.

    What are the Differences Between Wire EDM and Laser Cutting?

    Figure 7 – Centerless Grinding That Also Supports Polishing

    Machining speed and accuracy are two things that define both wire EDM and laser cutting.

    Laser cutting is faster than wire EDM but can’t achieve accuracy and precision in part machining.

    On the other hand, wire EDM is more accurate than laser cutting and also can achieve tighter dimensional tolerances.

    Furthermore, wire EDM also handles part complexity with more care, and its services are most preferred in similar cases.

    However, laser cutting and wire EDM machines are similar in many ways but, laser cutting features gases and electricity to produce a thermal beam that cuts the material through melting.

    However, wire EDM utilizes a super-thin, heated electric wire to cut materials.

    In the case of wire EDM, materials must be conductive and tighter tolerances of +/-0.025mm is achievable.

    What are the Differences Between Wire EDM and Sinker EDM?

    Figure 8 – Centerless Grinding Wheel That Defines Its Performance

    The primary difference between wire EDM and sinker EDM is the type of electrode used.

    Wire EDM uses wire as the electrode that can either be of brass or zinc-coated.

    On the other hand, sinker EDM sinks the shape that is on the electrode partway into the workpiece.

    Most importantly, wire-cut EDM and sinker EDM both works on the principles of electrical discharge machining.

    Sinker EDM has the ability to start machining at any point on the material, but the wire EDM needs to start machining from the material’s edges.

    Wire EDM is an exceptional machining process for two-dimensional cutting, and Sinker EDM can handle complex 3D and intricate shapes.

    What Types of Shapes Can a Wire EDM Machine Produce?

    In order to generate taper cuts, the wire EDM machine operates along the four/five independent axis.

    It’s a type of CNC machining and performs cutting of workpiece through programmed instructions. 

    Wire EDM can cut extrusion dies, nozzles, and horns with extreme precision and accuracy with the help of constantly charging tapers.

    Moreover, custom shapes that contain an extreme level of complexity are not even a challenge for advanced wire EDM machines.

    How Wire EDM Helps Link Accuracy with Productivity?

    Figure 10 – Improved Part Performance and Quality through Centerless Grinding

    Wire EDM is known for its ability to maintain a perfect balance between parts machining accuracy and high-level of productivity.

    Wire EDM is:

    • Extremely accurate
    • Flexible
    • Programmable
    • Cost-efficient
    • Highly productive

    Moreover, it has the capability to bring complete – integrated solutions to your manufacturing needs and challenges.

    Most importantly, wire-cut EDM can machine parts with uncompromised quality and results in exceptional part manufacturing accuracy.

    You can have a perfect surface finish for your parts to achieve the highest part quality and optimize productivity.

    How is Wire EDM Designed for Outstanding Accuracy?

    Figure 11 – The Importance of Centerless Grinding in Modern Industrial World

    Designing equipment based on technologically enhanced wire-cut EDM techniques is a guaranteed outstanding accuracy and precision of machined parts.

    The advanced technologies, along with state-of-the-art equipment, open up new opportunities for ultra-precision wire EDM machining.

    It’s now extremely easy to miniaturized machine components in various fields of:

    • Aerospace
    • Defense
    • Technology
    • Medical

    Moreover, instruments that may require wire diameters down to 0.02mm are an easy task for wire EDM.

    How Wire EDM Improves Cutting Speed and Surface Finish?

    Figure 12 – DEK’s High-Quality and State-of-the-Art Centerless Grinders

    Wire EDM stands for excellent machining performance and reducing the time to market and helps improving production faster with automation and lower running costs.

    With all the advanced available wire EDM features, it’s becoming a perfect example of exceptional cutting speed and perfect surface finishing technique.

    Thanks to digital intelligence, the machining efficiency is now at the touch of your figure with smart and onboard technologies to output extreme machining results.

    The enhanced cutting speed and surface finishing of wire EDM offer limitless possibilities to customers.

    How to Achieve High Tolerances and Cut Complex Shapes Easily in Part Machining?

    Figure 14 – DEK’s On-Demand Centerless Grinding Services

    Extreme part complexity is not a challenge for wire EDM because it uses electrical discharges throughout a fine wire to machine parts.

    In this way, it also capable of cutting parts precisely and intricate shapes with ease.

    No matter the hardness and fragility of materials, wire EDM can machine parts and achieve tighter tolerances of +/-0.02mm.

    It is more accurate than laser and impacts no direct force on the workpiece that means a perfect surface finish for your parts.

    For obtaining precise part dimensions and accurate fit, wire EDM achieves extremely tighter tolerances that also means top-quality parts with the best performance.

    The extreme tighter tolerances you can have for your parts through wire EDM is ±.0001″ (±.00254 mm), which is the requirement for some most critical parts in the aerospace or automation industry.

    Wire EDM also removes the need for post processes and finishes of parts after machining.

    Can Wire EDM Cuts Plastic Parts?

    Figure 14 – CNC Machined Aerospace Part

    In general, wire EDM only processes materials that are electrically conductive, and plastic is a non-conductive material.

    However, plastic is able to conduct electricity under certain circumstances but also is complicated, but it can be effectively machined using wire EDM.

    However, there are some consequences of machining plastic through wire EDM, and it can possibly alter plastic’s properties.

    How to Order?

    DEK is one of the most advanced wire-cut EDM services providers from China that offers its services worldwide.

    It’s extremely easy to place your custom parts order on the DEK website by clicking on “Request for Quote.”

    The most important thing is to describe your requirements completely, and the DEK expert staff of engineers will assist you in finalizing them.

    Afterward, you will clear the payments, and we start the machining process of your parts in cost-effective manners in a controlled machining environment to maximize your order quality.

    After the production stage, an in-detailed inspection is performed to finalize the standard quality of your parts.

    In the end, after packaging, your order is safely transferred to your address through your preferred transportation method.

    It will only take 1-2 weeks (typically) for DEK to complete your high-volume production order. We quote on a job-by-job basis.