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From prototype to end product, from plastic to metal, we are committed to providing you with high-quality subcontract machining services, with our premium one-stop services, you will reduce delivery time, procurement costs, and risks.

One-Stop Subcontract Machining Services, On-time & On-Demand

For over 18 years, DEK has been a global leading provider in contract machining services. The strong and various machining capabilities allow us to support a one-stop contract machining solution for customers across a spectrum of industries.

From prototyping to mass production, our advanced CNC machines and professional engineer team can meet all of your machining needs. The processing including milling, turning, deep hole drilling, precision grinding and EDM machining. We also have the ability to finish and assemble components, and can provide the inspections report.

Choose DEK as your sub-contract machining services partner, you will greatly improve the competitive advantages – reduce the cost of machine investment, site rental, production, and material, reduce production risks, reduce many problems in management, and increase delivery speed to your end-users.

5 Axis CNC Machining Subcontract Machining Services

Full Range of Machining Capabilities

We have a variety of high-precision machining machines, so that we can process all kinds of parts for you, whether it is metal or plastic, whether the shape is simple or complex, whether the tolerance is normal or tight.

Successful Projects

Why DEK is Your Best Subcontract Partner?

DEK is a reliable company whether you need to outsource machining a new project or looking for a long-term OEM partner.

Various Capabilities

We have strong and diverse processing capabilities, including CNC machining, CNC milling, CNC Turning, Precision Grinding, Deep Hole Drilling, EDM Machining, and so on, which allow us can handle a variety of complex parts.

Advanced Equipment

Regularly maintain the machines is our weekly work, and we will purchase the finest and latest machines to replace the backward, to ensure that our production efficiency and product quality maintain the highest level.

Rich Experience

By employing professional and experienced engineers instead of ordinary workers to operate the machine, our CNC machining technology has always been at the forefront of the industry.

One Stop Solution

In addition to a wide range of machining and manufacturing capabilities, we can handle more than 10 types of mainstream surface treatment. Through our one-stop service, you can save money, time, and energy.


DEK has a mature production process and a complete KPI production assessment system, which enables us to quick delivery. At the same time, we have a large amount of raw material inventory, which makes our delivery time 30% faster than other companies.

Faster Lead Time

DEK has a mature production process and a complete KPI production assessment system, which enables us to quick delivery. At the same time, we have a large amount of raw material inventory, which makes our delivery time 30% faster than other companies.

Unhindered Communication

You can communicate seamlessly with our English and Spanish sales team, and your requirements will be transferred to the engineering team clearly.


DEK has a complete customer service system and KPI system, and all work follows the principle of "Customer is King". Active pre-sales and after-sales, regular updates of production trends, we do everything to let you worry-free.

Looking For A Reliable Subcontract Machining Partner?

DEK is your best subcontract machining partner, not just a supplier. Let’s help you X times speed up business and make you more worry-free!

Subcontract Machining Services Buying Guide

Here, we have prepared some additional information to facilitate your in-depth understanding of what subcontract machining is and their advantages, which is beneficial to your choice of subcontracting machining services and the rapid development of the enterprise.

What is Subcontract Machining?

First of all, before evaluating outsourcing options, you may want to know what is sub-contract machining?

When starting a new project, under the condition of keeping the product quality unchanged, how to short the delivery time and reduce the total cost significantly influences whether the endeavor succeeds or fails. Subcontract machining service is one of the best solutions that promise high product and process quality with minimal startup investment cost.

In a subcontract machining relationship, a company outsources a portion of the machining process or the entire product to a third-party manufacturer. The subcontracting company provides detailed information such as product specifications, materials, performance requirements, quantities, tolerance requirements, drawings, assembly plans, and packaging to the third party manufacturer so that the third party manufacturer can determine the required processing technology and inspection points.

Simply put, subcontracting machining is essentially the establishment of an OEM or manufacturing agreement between the two companies. The subcontract manufacturer specializes in offer materials, manufacturing parts, surface finishing, or entire products on behalf of the client company.

In today’s fast-paced environment, each company has its own unique advantages, which makes subcontracting processing very effective in many industries, helping to improve product quality, reduce delivery time, and reduce additional costs. You can find that Apple, Cisco, Misumi, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, HP, etc. are all beneficiaries of subcontracting machining.

Why You Need Sub-Contract Machining Supplier?

There is none of a company can machining and manufacturing all processes internally. Even Foxconn, which has hundreds of thousands of machines and workers, also has many outsourcing suppliers. Because subcontracting processing suppliers have their own professional or unique technologies, they have a profound impact on the manufacturing industry. It is no exaggeration to say that they have promoted the rapid development of modern society.

Why do you need an outsourced CNC machining supplier? The answer is obvious, to help you improve efficiency, reduce management troubles, and X times speed up your business.

Want to learn more about the advantages of outsourcing processing? Keep reading.

Top 10 Benefits of Subcontract Machining

After cooperating with the contract machining supplier, there are tuns of benefits you will get, below are the top 10 advantages.

Benefits 1. Remain competitive​

If the capacity of your factory is saturated, for new orders, your customer cannot accept the long lead time, so maybe placed the orders to your competitors. But if you have a reliable outsourcing machining supplier, you will be able to take many orders without losing customers.

Benefits 2. Avoid extra investment

You know that the purchase of new machines and maintenance requires a lot of money. But the contract supplier already has the machining and manufacturing machines and expertise, so you do not need to spend money on investment machines.

Benefits 3. Avoid extra investment

The cost of engineers and workers is getting higher and higher, but if work with contract machining supplier like DEK, you can eliminate the need to make a significant investment and management of new workers in your company. This can save a lot of money and time.

Benefits 4. Avoid extra investment

In addition to the above 2 points of view – subcontracting can save you the cost of investing in machines and employing workers. And there have lots of hidden costs that can be saved. Such as site rental fees, taxes, energy, raw materials, freight, packaging, consumables, and so on. All of these can reduce overall project costs and increase profits.

Benefits 5. Reduce hidden risks

There are many hidden risks in the machining process, such as machine damage, workers injured, or because the workers did not carefully review the drawings, resulting in the wrong size of the parts. If you outsourcing the parts to CNC machining subcontractors, it means that you can reduce many of the hidden risks you never meet.

Benefits 6. Improve delivery efficiency

Facts have proved that the outsourcing of parts to professional subcontractors can optimize the machining process and production time of each process or part, thereby improving production efficiency and speeding up delivery.

Benefits 7. Higher quality parts you will get

The subcontractor has mature production experience, facilities, equipment, technology, and trained workers to handle your orders. Usually, they are very focused on productivity and quality. Another factor is that when you choose a subcontract CNC supplier, you will pay more attention to the production process, thus doubling the quality level of output. In essence, outsourcing can enable quality control to obtain twice the intelligence, supervision, and processing capabilities.

Benefits 8. More flexible

In the past, you may only accept the orders within the scope of your own processing capacity, but after you cooperate with CNC Subcontract suppliers like DEK, which will mean that you can receive orders more flexibly and widely. Even if the order is beyond your knowledge, you can use the ability of the subcontractor to realize. This is one of the strategies why some companies can develop rapidly in a short time.

Benefits 9. Improve your company's overall strength

By outsourcing demand to subcontract manufacturers, your company can free up money, time, and manpower for other projects, such as marketing, product research and development, business development, etc., thereby expanding your company’s comprehensive capabilities.

Benefits 10. Scale up quickly

When the company’s capacity is far below the time required to introduce new machines or workers, it can be difficult to scale up. But outsourcing the machined parts to professional subcontract machining suppliers like DEK will allow you to deliver more parts at the same time, while saving your resources that increase your company’s profits by a large margin. This is an efficient way to scale up in a short period of time and see more sales without significantly increasing your overhead.

Combine these 10 advantages, all in all, subcontract machining can save your money, reduce your risk, and reduce management worries, so that you can focus on market development and quickly expand the business.

How to Choose A Subcontract Machining Supplier?

Maybe you want to find a suitable subcontract machining supplier, but you don’t have the corresponding experience. Here we share some proven tips for how to choose a qualified machining contract supplier.

Machining Capabilities

Your product often needs more than one machining process, so choose a subcontract supplier with a variety of processing equipment, which can improve production efficiency, short the lead time, and you don’t have to spend too much energy managing different supply chains.

Rich Experience

If the contract machining supplier has been in the industry for a long time, that means their technology has been proven by many customers. The rich machining experience alow they can handle your parts well, even if the complex parts or urgent orders.

Fully Cooperate

There are many CNC machining suppliers with strong processing capabilities, but most of them have mature and large customer groups, which may make them unable to focus on your order. Therefore, a good CNC subcontractor must be able to fully cooperate, including sample support, low volume manufacturing, urgent delivery requiring, or sign the confidentiality agreements.

Skilled Workers

Whether the machined parts are qualified or not, in addition to the factors of machines, operators’ skills are also very important reasons. The technical ability of managers and operators directly affects your business loss or profit. Therefore, it is necessary to know whether the subcontractor regularly trains the operators or not.

Unimpeded Communication

If the subcontract machining supplier can’t understand your intention, how can they completely produce the product you want? Unimpeded communication is very important.

After Sales Service

No matter which supplier you cooperate with, there will be some problems, maybe because of the design, or materials, or poor communication. But can the supplier take the initiative to solve the after-sales problems, or to shirk responsibility? This is also an important factor.

Financial Stability

If the supplier’s financial situation is not stable, it is easy to have various problems leading to production interruption, such as government punishment, workers strike, and so on. Financial normality is a necessary inspection point for qualified subcontract machining suppliers.


One of the most important reasons to cooperate with outsourcing suppliers is to reduce costs and improve profits. If you choose Asian suppliers, in addition to the price of the products, you also need to consider the delivery charge, import taxes, etc., for a comprehensive consideration of the total cost.

The above tips are proven and very useful, hope you will find a satisfied supplier.

If you don’t have the time and energy to evaluate the capabilities of suppliers, you can try to cooperate with us. We meet the above tips and are a professional machining company you can trust.

Did you know?

DEK is a leading machining company in China. We have diverse machining capabilities and focus on high precision machining. Our customers cover aerospace, medical, mold, automotive, optics, consumer electronics, and other fields.

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