The Best Surface Grinding Services to Achieve Error-free Grinding and Precision Surface Finishing of Parts

Our experience of surface grinding a full range of materials reflects our mastery to offer parts with tighter tolerances. Through our ability of extreme precision cuts, we can remove metal at high-speed rates.

Precision Surface Grinding Services by Experienced Professionals

 DEK offers precision surface grinding services for the most demanding projects and has the ability to grind high-tolerance parts to perfect surface finish.

DEK can meet your flatness, parallelism, and squareness requirements through its maximum cutting efficiency for different wheel and material types.

We are masters of all forms of surface grinding and trained to grind almost anything within our size requirements.

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Our Surface Grinding Services Advantages

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One Stop Solution

At DEK, we offer a comprehensive one-stop solution to your surface grinding needs that can cover the precision component machining in cost-effective manners. We are a value-added, integrated manufacturer of high-precision, high-complexity, and mission-critical surface grinding parts and also provide exceptional surface finishing services. 

DEK also customizes parts according to your specifications and capable of processing your every need in regards to surface grinding. Our continuous research and development make us the up-to-date surface grinding services provider with advanced technology and equipment dedicated to your purpose.

The Staff of Engineers

Our staff is highly skilled and generally characterized by advanced education. Our engineer’s possession of knowledge and skill enables them to perform complicated tasks with greater ease. DEK adopts the latest technology, and our staff’s ability to adopt technology changes quickly with creative knowledge and skill in regards to state-of-the-art surface grinding equipment is what makes us one of the best. Our highly skilled and well-educated staff is guaranteed to fulfill your every requirement no matter the complexity. Moreover, you are no longer limited to anything while working with DEK.

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Premium Quality & Performance

DEK believes that the surface grinding quality is more than fabricating a good part. Customers and manufacturers have adopted divergent views of product quality in recent years, and with the advancement of technology, the quality perception gap is also increasing. DEK measures the quality by offering you the utmost quality and performance parts without any error or imperfections. Our focus is to offer you precision parts with tighter tolerances that can fulfill your demanding higher quality requirements.

Vast Library of Materials

Our technologically advanced equipment and surface grinding techniques enable us to grind nearly every type of material. Moreover, that’s why the type of materials DEK can surface grind is virtually endless. We always prefer and choose the best material for your parts to increase your productivity and part’s quality and performance. Selecting top-tier and industrial-grade materials can result in a cost-effective and precision grind part. Moreover, material choice is a crucial factor in surface grinding, so making an informed decision is essential.

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On-Demand Production

DEK is your one-stop-shop that offers on-demand surface grinding services to its customers internationally. We are completely dedicated to fulfilling your needs with our on-demand surface grinding services. Our services offer you a broad range of processes and technologies to fit all your needs, from prototyping to high-volume production. With on-demand production, DEK can improve the way we design, finalize, grind, inspect, and deliver parts on a large scale. It’s a long-term solution that provides immediate action to your needs so you can get your parts within 1-2 weeks without any delay.


DEK has improved its cost-effectiveness by optimizing its surface grinding services. We are now able to waste little to no material, energy, and other valuable resources during the grinding process to save you cost. Our surface grinding machinery is fully automated that reduce the labor cost. Moreover, our limited staff of engineers is more efficient and has the capability to make smart decisions for you. Moreover, our selection of industrial-grade material reduces the cost of materials. That’s how DEK is ideal for your surface grinding needs.

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Environment Friendly

At DEK, our economical or environmentally friendly surface grinding services protect our planet from exploitation and conserves natural sources. Our surface grinding environment is fully controlled and optimized, which helps us reduce the waste that automatically eliminates regrinding, reuse, and recycling. We have adopted sustainable surface grinding techniques that include minimizing the number of steps involved in surface grinding and reduce energy and other valuable resources that promote a pollution-free environment and also cost-efficient.

High Accuracy

DEK believes that the highest accuracy in surface grinding comes from error-free grinding, precision surface finishing, and high tolerance surface grinding. DEK’s surface grinding equipment can grind parts to incredibly precise measurements and remove all errors and imperfections that leave each part ground down perfectly. By maintaining high surface grinding standards, DEK can handle high-tolerance materials. Our CNC surface grinding services can grind down a surface to fit a specific size or finish exactly as required.

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Typical Workpiece Materials for Surface Grinding

DEK offers a vast library of materials that have very good characteristics and the best machinability for surface grinding. Moreover, the advanced alloys also a piece of cake for surface grinding as-well-as cost-effective.

Titanium Aerospace Machining


Aluminum is the most common material, and with advanced surface grinding technologies, grinding aluminum has become extremely cost-effective. In its pure form, aluminum is lightweight and highly machinable. Precision cutting to achieve extremely tighter tolerances is possible for aluminum parts through surface grinding. DEK always prefers working with industrial-grade aluminum to achieve precision.

Titanium Aerospace Machining


Brass is a soft metal for surface grinding that can be quickly ground. Brass is made out of 55 to 95% of copper, depending on its type. It contains electrically refined copper to increase its purity level to achieve parts with extreme quality and performance. DEK never compromises over surface grinding material quality.

Titanium Aerospace Machining

Cast Iron

Cast irons vary greatly in machinability. White iron is harder to grind, and ferritic cast iron is among the easiest metals to surface grind. Moreover, DEK makes sure that our state-of-the-art surface grinders are able to grind every kind of cast irons even including gray, ductile, and malleable cast irons.

Titanium Aerospace Machining

Mild Steel

Mild steel is a general alloy for surface grinding. At DEK, we use mild steel because it is highly machinable and offers great strength and toughness to parts. Moreover, mind steel is a low-carbon metal alloy with exceptional mechanical properties. It can be carburized to increase hardness.

Titanium Aerospace Machining

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is difficult to surface grind, but with patient and advanced technology, utmost precision can be achieved. Perfect surface flatness is possible with stainless steel by achieving optimal efficiency in surface grinding. Stainless steel is primarily because of its low thermal conductivity.

Titanium Aerospace Machining


In the modern world, the demand for surface grinding plastic is increasing. Plastic grinding is the faster and easiest way to process your plastics into reusable parts. At DEK, we believe that surface grinding plastic is extremely fast and save material waste that makes this whole process extremely cost-effective.

Titanium Aerospace Machining


Titanium is as strong as steel but up to 45% lighter. It is one of the most durable materials for surface grinding that can serve airplanes, spacecraft, and other industries that require precision and prefer tighter tolerances. DEK is specialized in the surface grinding of titanium to produce upper=level products for challenging projects.

Reviews From Our Happy Clients

Excellence, trust, and reliability are some attributes that solidify my business relationship of 10+ years with DEK. I found them to be progressive, conscientious, and proactive in their approach to satisfying my needs. I appreciate their grinding services, and their quick turnaround is just fantastic. They are highly responsive to my inquiries, and the quality they always offered me is remarkable. Their rapid production is exceptional, and I am thankful for their efforts to make the best parts for my business. DEK really helped my business reach its full potential by making sure that I always get the utmost quality parts with the perfect surface finish. I also want to mention that the communication skills of DEK staff are amazing, and they are the most educated professionals I ever worked with.
Richard Brown
Aerospace Supply Chain Manager
I found DEK to be a world-class surface grinding services provider, and their customer service and quality are by far the best I have experienced in my 12 years as a buyer in the aerospace industry. I am also thankful to the well-educated staff of DEK for always putting my business needs first and are always responsive to my queries. We always get quality parts from DEK, and they also never give us any chance of complaint. My staff and I are looking forward to further increasing our business and exploring more about what DEK can offer us. I have been working with DEK for the previous four years, and they are very consistent, professional, and responsive to my needs. I highly recommend anyone who is looking for quality and precision in their parts. Their surface grinding services are just brilliant and also with great pricing and turnaround times. They are very nice to work with and with amazing surface grinding equipment.
Matthew Field
Quality Engineer

Looking for Machine-Ready Surface Grinding Services for Your Custom Needs?

Our teamwork, in-detail surface grinding knowledge, and passion for precision are what make us one of the best surface grinding services providers internationally. DEK has the ability to process your order within 1-2 days, and our cost-efficient solutions will surpass your expectations.

Guide To Surface Grinding Services & Buying F.A.Q

Surface grinding is an abrasive machining process in which a spinning wheel cut the material to achieve a smooth finish and flat surfaces.

In this FAQ article, you will learn everything related to surface grinding that is important for customers to know.

Moreover, this FAQ guide will also clarify the way DEK offers its surface grinding services to customers internationally.

Table of Contents
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    What is the Surface Grinding?

    Surface grinding is the most common machining process and grinding operation.

    Surface grinding is mostly known as a surface finishing process that features a rotating abrasive wheel to smooth the flat surface of materials.

    Doing so can give the materials a more refined look, and help obtains a desired surface for a functional purpose.

    The typical materials for surface grinding are:

    • Aluminum
    • Cast Iron
    • Mild Steel

    Moreover, there are many other secondary materials also like stainless tell, brass, etc.

    Many parts can require surface grinding for many reasons, and the following are some of them:

    • Produce an extremely flat surface
    • Help achieve extremely accurate thickness tolerance
    • Smooth surface roughness
    • Cutting tool sharpening

    The machines used for surface grinding can be:

    • Vertical Axis Grinding Machine
    • Horizontal Axis Grinding Machine

    After placing the required material on the table, the wheel rotates at high speed to perform grinding.

    What is the Working Principle of Surface Grinding Machine?

    The surface grinding machine features a grinding wheel that works as a cutting tool for removing material from a workpiece.

    It’s known as an abrasive machining process where abrasives are placed on the surface and corners of the grinding wheel perform the finishing process on the workpiece with exceptional accuracy.

    Moreover, this multi-point cutting tool is widely accepted because of its material-removing capacity and can achieve tighter surface tolerances of +/-0.001mm.

    The grinding wheel of a surface grinder revolves on a spindle, and the material mounts on the reciprocating table.

    After a complete adjustment of placed material with respect to the grinding wheel position, the table moves in a forward-backward direction.

    Afterward, the power supply gives a suitable speed to the grinding wheel, and it rotates on the surface of the material to shape it.

    What are the Advantages of Surface Grinding?

    High precision surface grinding has many benefits, and it gives significant advantages to customers’ production needs.

    The ability of surface grinding to produce very light cuts throughout the part surface results in a smooth and uniform surface finish with a high degree of precision accuracy.

    The following are some additional benefits of surface grinding:

    • Offers high versatility
    • Precision and accuracy
    • Ability to achieve tighter tolerances
    • Large run capabilities
    • Identical manufacturing
    • Precision software
    • Advanced automation
    • Highly productivity
    • Ability to produce parts with high surface finish

    Produce materials with precision and high-quality surface finish, as well as it’s hard to beat the surface finish that can be produced with a quality surface grinder.

    What are the Parts through Surface Grinding?

    The surface grinding process is very common in many industrial sectors. Industries require parts that are just perfect in shape and measurements.

    Because, even a +/-0.003mm difference can become a reason behind a complete machine failure or complete part destruction.

    The surface grinding process is famous because of its ability to function for different metals and plastics efficiently.

    Most importantly, surface grinding is most importantly used in the manufacturing of:

    • Piston rings
    • Clutch and Gears
    • Engine blocks
    • Washers
    • Punch and Dies
    • Engine blocks
    • Automobile parts

    Moreover, various machine parts and machine frames require the use of surface grinding to operate properly.

    What is the Difference Between Surface Grinding and Cylindrical Grinding?

    Surface and cylindrical grinding can be differentiated by the shape of the material they can process.

    Surface grinding cuts parts with a flat surface, and on the other hand, cylindrical grinding cuts round parts.

    Moreover, both grinding processes used to finish tolerance pieces are highly often associated with aircraft and other critical industries.

    The surface grinding can help achieve the desired surface finish with the ability to grind extremely high tolerance’s typically +/-0.001mm.

    However, cylindrical grinding allows us to grind the outside and internal diameter of cylindrical and circular objects.

    In surface grinding, the workpiece is held and rotated between centers or chunks, and in cylindrical grinding, the workpiece is supported and rotated by the arrangement of work rest, grinding wheel, and regulating wheel.

    The process of surface grinding is done by feeding the rotating grinding wheel against the work surface.

    However, the cylindrical grinding process is done by passing the workpiece between the grinding wheel and regulating wheel.

    What is the Difference Between Surface Grinding and Milling?

    Surface grinding and milling are two common machining processes performed in the manufacturing industry.

    They both have the ability to achieve precision and tighter tolerances in parts, and both involve the material removal from a workpiece.

    Moreover, they both support a vast library of materials, whether a workpiece is made of iron, aluminum, steel, copper, or any other alloy.

    However, surface grinding and milling are not the same, and each has a different way to remove material from a workpiece.

    The former machining process is characterized by milling, and the latter machining process is characterized by surface grinding.

    What is the Difference Between Surface Grinding and Centerless Grinding?

    Surface grinding produces a smooth finish on workpieces contain flat surfaces through a spinning wheel covered in rough particles.

    On the other hand, centerless grinding is a grinding process, and it uses two wheels (one regulating and the other is grinding) that remove the material from a workpiece until the desired diameter is achieved.

    Centerless grinding is mostly for the materials in cylindrical and circular shapes, and surface grinding is more for the materials that contain a flat surface. However, both are abrasive machining processes.

    What are the Types of Surface Grinding?

    There are three basic types of surface grinding: horizontal-spindle, vertical-spindle, and single-disc & double-disk.

    Moreover, each of these surface grinding processes is carried out through a different type of surface grinder.

    And each type of surface grinder suits a certain type of part, and the core difference between these three is that how the grinding wheel makes contact with the workpiece.

    How Surface Grinding Optimization is Cost-Effective?

    Optimizing the surface roughness and material removal rate of the surface grinder is important to achieve precision and tighter tolerances of +/-0.001mm for parts.

    With the use of the latest technology, the precision surface grinding machines optimized for the tighter tolerances and smallest parts can be produced in a cost-effective manner.

    Optimizing surface grinding can:

    • Eliminate material, energy, and other valuable resources waste
    • Make the machining process highly cost-effective
    • Help to achieve the precision parts with tighter tolerances

    Moreover, optimizing feeds and speed based on wheel selection can speed up the process without affecting the quality and performance of parts in a cost-effective manner.

    What are the Materials for Surface Grinding?

    Surface grinding is exceptionally versatile because of its ability to suit different materials.

    It depends on the hardness of the workpiece and your desired surface finish that what material to use for the surface grinding wheel.

    The following are some materials for surface grinding:

    1. Diamond: Can help shape even the extremely hardest materials
    2. Aluminum Oxide: Most common for a wide range of materials
    3. Cubic Boride Nitride: Can shape extremely hard materials that would negatively interact with diamond

    Most importantly, these materials for surface grinding machine enable you to process every kind of material for your parts, including:

    • Aluminum
    • Brass
    • Cast Iron
    • Mild Steel
    • Stainless Steel
    • Plastics

    What are the Surface Grinding Applications?

    Surface grinding has uses in many complex, critical, and technologically advanced industries.

    Materials and parts can be ground down to an exact size to fit into the final product perfectly.

    The following are the main applications of surface grinding:

    • Aerospace
    • Medical
    • Automotive
    • Energy
    • Firearms
    • Commercial

    Automation and aerospace industries are the most popular among surface grinding because these require parts with extremely tighter tolerance requirements.

    Moreover, surface grinding is also extremely valuable in the medical field to achieve precision parts with sharp edges.

    How to Achieve Tighter Flat Tolerances with Surface Grinding?

    In general, achieving perfect surface finish on flat and cylindrical surfaces as well as performing abrasive milling on workpieces is the most effective way to maximize performance.

    Moreover, the highest part quality is possible to achieve by using the latest technology in surface grinding.

    With advanced technology and state-of-the-art surface grinders, tighter tolerances of +/-0.001mm can be targeted.

    Perfect flatness is much easier to achieve surface grinding. However, the greatest flatness accuracy occurs with smaller and heavier parts.

    What are DEK's Precision Surface Grinding Services?

    DEK uses a vast library of surface grinding media and cutting wheel types to offer its customers the perfect surface finish for their parts.

    Our expert staff of engineers knows what type of surface grinding services you want for your parts and what will be the best options for your material and surface finish requirements.

    DEK also offers complete customization over your surface grinding needs and can adjust the surface grinding machines’ technology to meet the needs of your unique project.

    At DEK, we can process any metal or metal alloy material, and we are limited to nothing but your surface finish requirements.

    At DEK, our precision surface grinding expertise enables us to maintain tighter tolerances even of ±0.001mm and ensure superior precision and repeatability for even the highest volume production runs.

    How DEK Offers Flexibility for High-Volume Orders?

    Our high-volume production process is quicker, efficient, and flexible enough to give you any advantages you want.

    At DEK, all of our state-of-the-art surface grinding machines are dedicated to your part production.

    This enables us to complete your high-volume projects as rapidly as possible to efficient output results also.

    This flexibility is an advantage of working with us. Moreover, our precision surface grinding is a guaranteed high-quality part with a great surface finish.

    Why Choose CNC Surface Grinding?

    The CNC surface grinding is known for its ability to machine parts of perfect surface flatness with great quality.

    There are a number of different reasons why choose CNC surface grinding for your parts, and some of them are following:

    1. Precision finish: CNC surface grinding machines have the ability to grind down workpieces to incredibly precise measurements.
    2. Set multiple variables at once: CNC grinding machines are able to make multiple passes, grind from height, and many more.
    3. Variable wheel speed: The ability to handle variable speed is necessary to customize the surface finish on different materials.
    4. Grind an entire run identically: Every workpiece will be the exact same size and shape with CNC precision grinding ability that is important for large runs.
    5. Error-free grinding: It removes all operating errors, leaving each workpiece ground down perfectly.
    6. High tolerance surface grinding: Our surface grinding can handle high tolerance materials while maintaining most projects’ strict quality standards.

    What is the Max Work Envelope Size?

    The largest surface most of the standard surface grinders can handle is 12″ x 24″.

    Some of the surface grinders can handle larger surfaces but with compromising on overall part quality and performance.

    But, with the involvement of the latest technology and advanced surface grinding processes, greater than 12″ x 24″ work envelope sizes can be handled.

    What is the Production Size DEK Can Handle?

    At DEK, we are able to handle all production sizes, from smallest to largest.

    Our technologically-enhanced surface grinder boosts part production and facilitates our customers to get thousands of parts with utmost quality and precision per day.

    DEK can process your production needs within 1-2 weeks and can deliver quality results that our customers deserve.

    How to Order?

    It’s never been difficult, ordering your parts from DEK and our ordering process is standard.

    Upload your requirements and get a quote from us. Place your order and clear the payments.

    As soon as you clear the payments, we start the surface grinding process and perform a detailed inspection.

    Afterward, we package and deliver your order and wait for our reward because our reward is your complete satisfaction.

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