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Precision CNC Machining Medical Services

DEK has established itself as a leading provider of precision CNC machining services for the medical industry. With a strong focus on quality and adherence to strict regulatory standards, DEK offers comprehensive solutions for medical device manufacturers.

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Reliable Medical Machined Parts

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With a commitment to quality, precision, and regulatory compliance, DEK has earned the trust of medical device manufacturers worldwide. Our expertise in medical machining services ensures that critical medical components are produced to the highest standards, contributing to the safety and effectiveness of life-saving devices.

Our facilities and experienced machinists are dedicated to producing flawless medical components that meet the highest industry standards. DEK's medical machining process begins with meticulously evaluating design specifications and regulatory requirements. Our engineers work closely with clients to fully understand their needs and translate them into precise manufacturing plans. This collaborative approach ensures that every aspect of the project is carefully considered, from material selection to post-processing requirements. Once the manufacturing plan is finalized, DEK's skilled machinists take over, using advanced CNC machinery and cutting-edge tools to bring the designs to life. With stringent environmental controls, our clean room facilities provide a contaminant-free environment, ensuring the utmost cleanliness and sterility throughout the machining process.

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Our Highlights


We have expertise in working with a wide range of medical-grade materials, including stainless steel, titanium, cobalt-chromium alloys, and specialized polymers.

Quality Control

Each component undergoes strict inspection and testing to verify compliance with design specifications and regulatory standards.

Complete Services

In addition to machining, DEK also offers post-processing services, including surface finishing, heat treatment, passivation, sterilization, as well as other complimentary services.


Medical Parts Buying FAQs

Yes, DEK offers engineering consulting services, including design for manufacturability analysis and material selection advice. Our expertise in machining processes and materials can help optimize designs for efficient and cost-effective manufacturing.
Absolutely. DEK has extensive experience machining components for implantable medical devices, such as orthopedic implants and surgical instruments. Our knowledge of biocompatibility requirements and regulatory standards for implantable devices is important.
DEK takes confidentiality and intellectual property protection very seriously. We have strict non-disclosure agreements and protocols to safeguard our clients' proprietary information and designs.
Yes, DEK offers supply chain management services, including sourcing and procurement of materials, inventory management, and logistics coordination. This streamlines the entire manufacturing process for our clients and ensures timely delivery of components.

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