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Precision CNC Machining Electronics  Services

By staying at the forefront of technological advancements and continuously investing in advanced equipment and training, DEK remains a trusted partner for electronics manufacturers seeking precision machining solutions that meet the highest quality, reliability, and performance standards.

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The Best Manufacturer of Custom Electronics Parts

DEK uses cutting-edge CNC machining techniques made specifically for the electronics industry. Our highly skilled machinists and engineers have the advanced equipment and software to produce precision components with exceptional accuracy and quality.

These components demand stringent dimensional and surface quality requirements for optimal heat dissipation and structural integrity, which DEK ensures through advanced machining processes and thermal management expertise. Some of the specialized machining processes include high-speed milling, turning, grinding, and electrical discharge machining (EDM). These techniques enable the production of complex geometries, tight tolerances, and superior surface finishes required for electronic applications. Furthermore, DEK provides complete assembly services, combining machined parts with other electronic components to create integrated sub-assemblies or finished products, streamlining the supply chain and enabling seamless integration of components into larger electronic systems.

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Our Highlights


By optimizing workflows and using advanced materials, DEK delivers cost-effective solutions without compromising quality and helps electronics manufacturers stay competitive in the market.

Fast Production

We ensure fast and precise manufacturing by using the latest technology and efficient processes like CNC machining and laser cutting. We help electronics businesses meet deadlines and boost their performance.

High Accuracy

DEK focuses on precision and strict quality control to provide electronic manufacturers with high-standard components, ensuring top performance and reliability in electronic devices.


Electronic Buying FAQs

Yes, DEK provides complete assembly services, combining machined components with other electronic parts to create fully integrated sub-assemblies or finished products, streamlining the supply chain for customers.
Absolutely. DEK's skilled machinists and advanced CNC equipment are capable of machining intricate designs and complex geometries with tight tolerances, ensuring proper fit, functionality, and aesthetics for electronic enclosures and housings.
Yes, DEK has extensive experience machining a wide range of materials and components commonly used in the electronics industry, such as aluminum housings, copper heat sinks, and stainless steel brackets and mounting hardware.
Yes, DEK offers specialized thermal management solutions, including precision machining of heat sinks and other heat dissipation components, ensuring optimal performance and reliability for heat-sensitive electronic devices.
Yes, in addition to machining services, DEK offers value-added services such as surface treatments (e.g., anodizing, plating), finishing processes (e.g., polishing, deburring), and assembly services, providing a comprehensive solution for electronic component manufacturing.

Other Industries

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The telecom industry is characterized by rapid technological advancements and evolving standards. Every telecom project may have unique requirements in terms of component design and functionality. Our machining services enable the customization of parts to meet specific project needs.

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DEK is a leading CNC machining company specializing in high-precision automotive components. With advanced equipment and skilled machinists, we offer machining services for engine parts, transmissions, suspension, and tooling. DEK uses the latest technologies and strict quality control processes to deliver reliable, industry-certified components that meet exacting automotive standards.

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DEK is a top provider of complex machining services for the aerospace industry. With over 20 years of experience serving this demanding sector, DEK works with leading aerospace OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers to produce high-precision components and assemblies that withstand extreme conditions.

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