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CNC Machining Invar Service

Invar is a nickel alloy with an extremely low coefficient of thermal expansion that can maintain dimensional stability in environments with large temperature changes.

DEK provides a comprehensive CNC machining invar service, from prototype to mass production, providing you with high-precision custom invar parts. We have advanced equipment and top-notch machining technology to achieve tight tolerances of +/- 0.01mm and fast delivery.

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Custom Invar Parts in CNC Machining

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Invar is a low-expansion iron-nickel alloy with a nickel content of approximately 36%. It has good mechanical strength and corrosion resistance, and can maintain dimensional stability in temperature changing environments.

DEK's machine shop uses state-of-the-art equipment and specialized technology for machining, and is able to meet the tight tolerances required for a wide range of complex parts, with machining accuracies of up to +/- 0.01mm, ensuring that each part meets strict quality standards.

DEK is a trusted and cost-effective manufacturer of invar machined parts, we have specialized in machining Invar 36 for many years and can offer a wide range of surface finishes such as polishing, plating and oxidizing to enhance the performance of the parts. Our high-precision custom invar services are ideally suited to industries that require high dimensional stability (e.g. industrial and aerospace, etc.) to provide high-quality parts such as precision instruments, engine valves, and large aerospace structural molds.

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Invar Material List

Invar 36

Invar 36 is a nickel-iron alloy with 36% nickel. It has a low thermal expansion rate compared to carbon steel.

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Basic Knowledge of Invar

What is Invar?

"Invar" typically refers to a specific type of nickel-iron alloy known for its low coefficient of thermal expansion. It was discovered by Swiss scientist Charles Édouard Guillaume in 1896, earning him the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1920. Invar is a solid solution, meaning it is a single-phase alloy similar to mixing common table salt into water. The term "Invar" reflects its invariable nature, indicating it does not undergo significant thermal expansion.

Common grades of Invar have a coefficient of thermal expansion (α) around 1.2 × 10–6 K–1 (1.2 ppm/°C) between 20 and 100 °C. Higher purity grades (<0.1% Co) can achieve even lower values, such as 0.62–0.65 ppm/°C. The most common type of invar alloy is Invar 36, which consists of approximately 36% nickel; the remaining balance is iron. This alloy has minimal expansion and contraction with temperature changes.

Advantages of Invar

Low coefficient of thermal expansion

High dimensional stability

Excellent resistance to corrosion

Good mechanical properties at low temperatures

Minimal thermal expansion mismatch with other materials

Suitable for precision instruments and applications

High tensile strength

Applications of Invar

Aerospace Components

Laser Systems

Telecommunication Equipment

Cryogenic Engineering Components

Medical Imaging Devices

Gas Turbine Engines

Automotive Sensors

Electronic and Electrical Connectors

Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment


Machining Invar Buying FAQ

Invar 36 (Fe-36Ni) is the most commonly used grade due to its optimal low thermal expansion properties.
Machining Invar is generally more expensive than common materials due to its hardness and the precision required, which can lead to increased tool wear and longer machining times.
Industries such as aerospace, optics, electronics, and precision instrumentation benefit significantly from the stability and precision offered by CNC machined Invar components.
Invar is not known for its high electrical conductivity. While it is a metallic alloy, its electrical conductivity is relatively lower than other metals like copper or aluminum.
Yes, we understand the importance of prototypes to you, so we will sign a confidentiality agreement and fully comply with it.
Definitely! Our predecessor is precision machining shop, and 100% inspection of each part is our daily basic work. We will check the size, tolerance, color, and other details before leaving the factory. If you need an inspection report, we will send it with goods together.

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