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CNC Machining Delrin Service

Delrin is a high-performance thermoplastic chemically known as polyoxymethylene (POM).

DEK offers top-notch CNC Delrin (POM) machining services, whether it's for rapid prototype or high volume machining of delrin parts, we'll meet your needs on demand. We have state-of-the-art equipment and machining technology with short turnaround times for fast delivery and are ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485 and AS9100D certified.

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CNC Machining Delrin(Acetal) Plastic for Custom Parts


Delrin, also known as polyoxymethylene (POM), is a specific brand name of Acetal and is manufactured by DuPont. It offers high strength, high stiffness, excellent wear resistance, low friction, low water absorption, chemical resistance and high dimensional stability.

DEK has more than 10 years of experience in machining delrin, and we use advanced techniques for milling delrin, turning delrin, cutting delrin and drilling delrin to ensure that each part meets the stringent quality standards of various industries. CNC machining of Delrin has become a popular choice for producing a wide range of complex and precise components.

DEK is a reliable and efficient Delrin material machining manufacturer, our high precision customized Delrin plastic parts machining services can provide high quality components for industries such as automotive and electronics, ideal for precision parts, automotive parts, bearings, gears, bushings, electrical components, we are committed to providing customers with high quality and detailed Delrin machining services, if you have this need, please contact us immediately!

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Delrin Material List

Delrin 150

Delrin 150 has a low coefficient of friction, excellent dimensional stability, high stiffness, and good wear resistance. It is a strong plastic suitable for extrusion processes.

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Delrin AF (13% PTFE Filled)

Delrin AF (13% PTFE Filled) is a type of plastic material that combines the properties of Acetal (polyoxymethylene) with the added benefit of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) filler.

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Delrin (30% Glass Filled)

Delrin (30% Glass Filled) is a specific type of Delrin reinforced with 30% glass fiber filler. Delrin is also known as polyoxymethylene (POM), a high-performance engineering thermoplastic.

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Basic Knowledge of Delrin

What is Delrin?

Delrin is a brand name for a type of acetal resin. It is a high-performance thermoplastic with excellent mechanical strength and stiffness. Acetal, discovered by Hermann Staudinger in 1920, was later commercially synthesized by DuPont in 1956. DuPont is the original manufacturer of Delrin. It's a type of plastic derived from hydrocarbon fuels through polymerization. Making Delrin involves generating anhydrous formaldehyde, polymerizing it, and stabilizing the resulting polymer.

Furthermore, it has low friction and exceptional dimensional stability, which is why it is often used in gears, bearings, and machinery components. It can be processed through methods like injection molding and extrusion due to its thermoplastic nature. With applications ranging from automotive parts to consumer goods, Delrin is valued for its resistance to wear, temperature stability, and versatility in manufacturing.

Advantages of Delrin

Low friction

High stiffness

Excellent wear resistance

Good dimensional stability

High strength

Chemical resistance

Low moisture absorption


Applications of Delrin





Conveyor belts

Electrical connectors

Valve components

Medical devices

Automotive parts



Machining Delrin FAQs

Delrin is considered affordable compared to other materials in its category due to its versatile properties and ease of manufacturing.
Acetal is a generic name for a class of thermoplastics, and its chemical name is polyoxymethylene (POM). Delrin is a specific brand of Acetal, produced by DuPont.
Acetal and Delrin are both high-strength thermoplastics based on polyoxymethylene (POM). Acetal is the general name for polyoxymethylene, which is usually composed of two forms: copolymer and homopolymer. Delrin is a brand of Acetal homopolymer produced by DuPont, known for its higher purity, mechanical properties and consistency. Compared with copolymers, Delrin generally has better strength, stiffness, wear resistance and fatigue resistance, but may be slightly less stable than copolymers in certain chemical environments.
DEK can do delrin surface treatment including: As Machined Finish (excellent surface finish fresh) and Bead Blast
Delrin's common CNC machining processes include milling, turning and drilling. These processes can be used to produce a wide variety of shapes and complex components.

Other Materials



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