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Black Oxide Coating

Get functional and aesthetic benefits in one with Black Oxide surface finishing. It's a matte black finish that also adds protection to metals, reducing corrosion and wear over time.

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Black Oxide for Machined Parts

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Black Oxide gives an appealing black finish to metal surfaces, as well as enhanced protection and increased lubricity. This can also act as a base for further treatments.

DEK stands out as the premier CNC machining company in China, particularly in black oxide surface finishing services. Our team of experts uses the latest technology to deliver the best results. DEK's precise temperature and immersion time control ensure consistent and high-quality black oxide coatings.

Clients choose DEK for their black oxide surface finishing needs due to the company's dedication to excellence, on-time delivery, and competitive pricing. Combining cutting-edge machinery and focusing on customer satisfaction positions DEK as the top choice for those seeking superior black oxide surface finishing services in the CNC machining industry.

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More About Black Oxide

What’s Black Oxide?

Black oxide is a chemical conversion coating applied to ferrous metals, primarily iron and steel, to enhance their corrosion resistance and provide a black finish. The process involves immersing the metal in a hot alkaline solution containing various oxidizing chemicals. This solution creates a thin layer of black iron oxide on the surface of the metal through a controlled oxidation reaction.

The black oxide coating serves several purposes. Firstly, it acts as a protective barrier against corrosion by forming a stable oxide layer that inhibits the underlying metal from reacting with environmental elements. Additionally, the coating can improve the metal's wear resistance and contribute to a smoother surface finish.

Advantages of Black Oxide

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Improved aesthetics
  • Enhanced wear resistance
  • Reduced light reflection
  • Cost-effective solution

Design Considerations for Black Oxide

  • Substrate material compatibility
  • Surface preparation
  • Temperature control during the black oxide process
  • Post-treatment considerations for corrosion resistance
  • Aesthetic preferences influencing variations in black oxide finishes


Black Oxide FAQs

Black oxide can wear off over time with regular use, but the durability depends on factors like the material and the application.
Black oxide provides good durability, offering corrosion resistance and enhancing the wear resistance of the treated material.
Black oxide is cost-effective compared to some alternative coatings, but specific prices can vary based on factors like quantity and size of parts.
Yes, black oxide penetrates the steel surface, forming a thin protective layer without adding significant thickness.
Black oxide adds minimal thickness, typically around 0.00002 to 0.0005 inches.

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