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CNC Machining Brass Service

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, DEK offers comprehensive CNC machining brass services, from prototype to mass production, providing you with high precision customized brass parts. With advanced equipment and skilled technology, we can achieve tight tolerances of +/- 0.005mm with delivery as fast as 3 days!

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Precision CNC Machining Brass Service

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Brass is primarily an alloy of copper and zinc and is ideal for CNC machining due to its corrosion resistance, good electrical and thermal conductivity, machinability, high hardness and toughness.

DEK's machine shop produces customized brass parts using the latest CNC lathes and CNC milling machines (3-axis, 4-axis and 5-axis), among others. Our processes include: turning, milling, drilling and laser cutting to ensure that we are able to meet the manufacturing needs of a wide range of complex parts. We specialize in all types of brass: 260, C360, Cz121 and more.

DEK is a reliable and affordable manufacturer of machining brass parts, and our high-precision services ensure high-quality parts for industries such as industrial and electronics, perfect for fittings, bearings, joints, valves, connectors, and heat sinks. With our CNC machining brass services, you can also choose from bead blasting, polishing, plating, and other surface finishes to meet the aesthetic and functional needs of different parts.

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Brass Material List

Brass 260

Brass 260 is a popular and cost-effective brass alloy. It is highly ductile and possesses good strength, finishing abilities, and corrosion resistance.

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Brass C360

Brass C360, also known as free-cutting brass or leaded brass, is an alloy primarily composed of copper and zinc, with a small percentage of lead.

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Brass Cz121

Brass CZ121 is a designation for a type of brass alloy. Brass is a metal alloy made primarily of copper and zinc.

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Basic Knowledge of Brass

What is Brass Materia

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc in varying proportions, typically ranging from 5% to 45% zinc content. The exact composition influences the properties of the brass, such as color, hardness, and machinability. The alloy may also contain small amounts of other elements like lead or tin.

Properties of brass include a distinctive yellow or reddish-gold color, malleability, and corrosion resistance. The metal is valued for its workability and versatility. It is commonly used to produce musical instruments, decorative items, plumbing fixtures, electrical components, and ammunition casings.

Different types of brass, such as red brass, naval brass, and admiralty brass, have specific compositions made for specific uses. The alloy is not just corrosion resistant, but it also has aesthetic appeal.

Advantages of Brass

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Attractive appearance
  • High malleability
  • Good conductivity
  • Durable
  • Low friction
  • Recyclableb

Applications of Brass

  • Plumbing fittings
  • Electrical connectors
  • Marine hardware
  • Valve components
  • Costume jewelry
  • Radiator cores
  • Coins and medals


Machining Brass Buying FAQ

We offer a variety of surface finishes, including polishing, plating (nickel, chrome, gold), anodizing, bead blasting and powder coating to meet different aesthetic and functional requirements.
Yes, we are equipped to handle both small and large volume orders, offering scalable solutions to meet your production needs.
Yes, our engineering team can work with you to optimize your design for manufacturability, ensuring efficient and cost-effective production while maintaining quality and performance.
We serve a wide range of industries, including aerospace, electronics, automotive, plumbing, architecture, and musical instruments, providing precision-machined brass parts tailored to specific industry requirements.

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