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Precision CNC Machining Services for Aerospace

DEK is a top provider of complex machining services for the aerospace industry. With over 20 years of experience serving this demanding sector, DEK works with leading aerospace OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers to produce high-precision components and assemblies that withstand extreme conditions.

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Aerospace Machine Shop for Custom Parts

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DEK is China’s leading aerospace CNC machining service provider and precision parts manufacturer. Since its establishment in 2002, our next-generation aerospace CNC machine shop has imbibed the proven methods to deliver quality, performance, and reliability on each and every project. Our engineering team has extensive experience related to a variety of aviation, military, and stratospheric specifications.

We have a complete range of equipment including the 3-axis CNC machine, 4-axis CNC machine, 5-axis CNC machine, Swiss screw machine, CNC lathe, EDM machine, etc, and numerous material supply chains, which are sufficient to deal with any CNC machined parts, whether plastic or metal, complex or simple. Our mastery over industry-recognized materials such as aluminum, titanium, stainless steel, exotic alloys, and high-temperature plastics makes us the rising star in aerospace component manufacturing. We can source all metals and diverse materials from your approved vendor or from our subcontractors, who are capable of providing actual mill certifications.

We manufacture relatively standard parts as well as parts having complex geometry that is widely considered difficult to produce. Our capabilities include CNC turning, CNC milling, Swiss precision turning, dimensional CMM inspection, etc with tolerances as tight as ±0.005mm. To ensure proper traceability on all the manufactured products, we run a full ERP system.

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Our Highlights

Quality Control

Our commitment to quality assurance guarantees the safety and reliability of the aerospace components we produce.

One Stop Shop

From design and engineering to precision machining and assembly, our capabilities streamline the entire manufacturing process under one roof.

Global Experience

We ensure our advanced machining capabilities are accessible to clients across various continents.


Aerospace Parts Buying FAQs

Absolutely. Our advanced CNC machining equipment and skilled programmers enable us to produce even the most intricate and complex aerospace part designs with exceptional precision and accuracy.
Certainly. Our flexible manufacturing capabilities allow us to accommodate rapid prototyping and low-volume production runs, enabling clients to quickly test and validate designs before moving to full-scale production.
Yes, we provide comprehensive assembly and kitting services, ensuring that aerospace components are delivered as ready-to-install assemblies, streamlining the manufacturing process for clients.

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