Word-Class Custom Machining and Manufacturing Services

DEK offers custom machining & precision manufacturing services, from prototype to mass production.

Full Services of Custom Machining & Parts Manufacturing

DEK is a full-services machining & manufacturing company, which offers precision parts and prototypes to global clients and always applies the services in nearly every industry including aerospace, medical, automotive, consumer products, agriculture, sports, optical, and more. All work is carried out to the highest standards of workmanship and with as fast a turnaround as possible.


CNC Machining Services

From rapid prototypes, low volume manufacturing, or mass production of specialist precision parts, our custom machining services are your best choice and let you innovate faster. Through one-stop and flexible processing of CNC Milling, CNC Turning, CNC Drilling, EDM, and Precision Grinding, we can quickly produce precise or complex machined parts for you.


3D Printing Services

3D printing is a kind of additive manufacturing, it is a fast way to make your idea become a reality. DEK provides precision 3D printing services including Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM), Stereolithography (SLA), Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), Multi-Jet-Fusion (MJF),  and Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS).  Your parts will be shipped as fast as 1 day.


Vacuum Casting

Vacuum casting is reliably used in all industries for fast production of high-quality prototypes or small batches of quality, end-use products. Because of its high productiveness and competitive pricing, this technique is more and more popular. If you need a fast, cost-effective way to produce smaller quantities without sacrificing on quality, our vacuum casting service is the ideal solution.


Sheet Metal Fabrication

DEK provides complete sheet metal fabrication services, including laser cutting, forming, punching, bending, and stamping to our clients worldwide with finished parts that meet their specific requirements and tolerances. Often, these fabricated sheet metal components can be used in prototyping or for large scale production operations.


Injection Molding

Plastic injection is the best way for plastic part mass production because of produce parts quickly and inexpensively. It is ideal for producing high volumes of the same object. Some advantages of injection molding are high production rates, repeatable high tolerances, the ability to use a wide range of materials, low labor cost, minimal scrap losses, and little need to finish parts after molding.


Die Casting

Die casting is a versatile process for producing metal parts by forcing molten metal under pressure into steel molds or dies. Using die casting, we can produce complex shape products with a high degree of accuracy and repeatability.

From Prototype To Mass Production,
You will Get The Best Solution!

Rapid Prototyping Services

Rapid Prototyping

After product design, prototyping is the first step to verify the feasibility and shape. Prototyping is the most direct and effective way to find out the defects, deficiencies, and drawbacks of the designed products, so as to improve the defects pertinently until the defects cannot be found from individual prototypes.

DEK offers CNC prototyping service and 3D printing service for your prototypes, rapid & precision is our goal, the parts can be finished as fast as 1 day.

Low Volume Manufacturing

Low Volume Manufacturing

Due to the rapid changes in the market, mass production means that it will take a huge risk. So before the product becomes popular or mature, we suggest you carry out low volume manufacturing. Low volume manufacturing is a viable way to get your products to launch the market quickly while letting you respond fast to design modifications and shorten manufacturing cycle time.

Low volume manufacturing usually involves the production range of 100 to 100K parts. DEK offers low volume manufacturing solutions by using CNC machining, 3D printing, and vacuum casting processes.

Mass Production

Mass Production

The aim of mass production is to ensure that the whole process of manufacturing remains at the lowest cost possible while turning out the highest volumes possible. As mass production is based upon repetitive main and auxiliary operations that work together mechanically to create a final product, so incredible accuracy and low margin of error are available.

DEK’s mass production solution including CNC machining, injection molding, die casting, laser cutting, etc.

We'll X Times Speed Up Your Business


Shorten 30% Lead Time

We understand the importance of timely delivery, by using the fastest, finest, and various machining capabilities machines, hiring knowledgeable engineers, and optimizing the machining process continuously, our lead time is 30% faster than other factories.


Save 60% Cost

Through the one-stop manufacturing service, flexible and diverse processing technology, experienced engineers, and efficient production efficiency, we have reduced 30% unnecessary operating costs through these internal improvements. And with a large stock of raw materials, totally we can help you save 40%-60% of the cost.


Reduce 80% Troubles

Our extensive range of custom machining capabilities supports a one-stop manufacturing solution for customers. Partner with DEK, you can reduce the investment in machines, reduce many troubles from workers and various suppliers. What you need to do is developing the market wholeheartedly, and win the business.

We Have Successful Experiences in 15+ Industries

Quality Has Proven & Trusted By More Than 2300+ Clients

DEK is our best custom machining partner for helping us beyond expression by getting us high-quality prototype parts, at an affordable price, with incredible turnaround times. In addition, DEK helped us improve our overall product design, thanks!
Kirk Schubring
Kirk Schubring
Prototype tool design at Impel
DEK, a longtime friend and strategic partner whom we trust most, possesses one of the finest machining and manufacturing technologies and always provides our company with the highest quality parts.
Jordi Nebot
Jordi Nebot
Parts Quality Engineering at NISSAN MOTOR IBERICA
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