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Frequently Asked Questions

Regarding Manufacturing

We specialize in a diverse range of manufacturing processes that cater to both metal and plastic components. Our capabilities include: High precision CNC machining, Sheet metal fabrication, Injection molding, Rapid prototyping, 3D printing/Additive manufacturing, and Die casting.

Our range of services allows us to offer flexible solutions to our customers, regardless of the complexity or volume of their manufacturing projects. Whether it's a simple sheet metal part or a complex 3D-printed component, our experienced team can deliver quality results with a quick turnaround time. We are committed to utilizing the latest technology and equipment to ensure our manufacturing processes are efficient, accurate, and cost-effective.

Our goal is to provide our customers with high-quality manufacturing services and exceed their expectations in every aspect of their project.

For some projects with simple rapid prototypes, we can complete it within one day. Our small batch delivery time is generally 4 to 7 days, and the specific delivery time depends on the complexity, quantity, process, materials, etc. of your project. If you want to know more about the delivery time of your project, please feel free to contact us:

Of course, whether it is a small batch order or prototype production, we are happy to serve your project. One of our biggest advantages is that there is no minimum order quantity limit. We can complete your needs through CNC machining, sheet metal, 3D printing, injection molding, die casting and other processes.

We can process almost all metals and plastics. Metals include: aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, copper, brass, alloy steel, magnesium, inconel, etc. Plastics include: nylon, acrylic, delrin, ABS, PEEK, PTFE, PVC, etc.

For CNC machined metal parts, our standard tolerance can reach +/- 0.005mm, and for plastic parts, our standard tolerance can reach +/- 0.01mm. Specific projects need to be confirmed according to materials, processes, etc.

Regarding Quality

First, when the materials come in, we will analyze them with a spectrometer to ensure that the materials meet your requirements.

Secondly, we use advanced equipment and first-class machinists to process your projects to ensure the quality and consistency of the parts.

Furthermore, during the production process, we use CMM, plug gauges, pin gauges and other testing tools to strictly include the quality of each link.

Finally, we strictly follow the ISO9001 quality system and are always committed to providing you with high-quality customized parts.

We control quality through the following key steps:

  1. Design review: Optimize design to improve manufacturability and reliability
  2. Material control: Purchase materials from trusted suppliers, and test and inspect to verify that incoming materials meet specifications.
  3. Process control: Use statistical methods and regular equipment maintenance to monitor and control the manufacturing process.
  4. In-process inspection: Detect defects as early as possible by inspecting products at all stages.
  5. Final inspection: Ensure that the finished product meets all specifications.
  6. Corrective and preventive actions: Investigate defects, address root causes and implement preventive measures.
  7. Quality management system: Implement a documented quality management system (QMS) to ensure consistent quality practices and drive continuous improvement (ISO 9001 or other quality standards).

We usually take photos for archiving before shipment. If you find any problems with the product when you receive it, you need to provide us with inspection pictures and videos. We will confirm with our production inspection department and then give a reply. We will analyze and solve specific problems to ensure that your after-sales service is perfectly resolved.

Yes, we can provide quality inspection report, please let us know the type of report you need before placing an order (material report, quality inspection report or other), we will prepare the required documents for your project as early as possible.

Yes, we are ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485, IATF 16949:2016, and AS9100D certified. ITAR registered.

Regarding Quote & Order

Upload your part drawings on our website or send them by email, and let us know the quantity, material, surface treatment and other specific requirements.
The main file formats that can be accepted are: PDF STEP STP IGES SLDPRT

Our company will usually reply within 6 hours, and if the design to the more complex processes or materials, will complete the quotation within 3 days

Our quotes are usually valid for 12-15 days. For prototypes, small batches or large batches, our validity period may be slightly different.

Yes, please let us know your specific project requirements and we can provide you with samples before placing an order. Please confirm with us for more details.

Our main payment method is prepayment. The specific ratio can be discussed with us.

Yes, of course. We offer expedited service and we will prioritize your project for production if you require it.

One of our biggest advantages is that there is no minimum order quantity limit. Whether it is 1 or 10,000+ products, we will provide you with the best service.

Yes, if it is a bulk order, we will save a lot of money on raw materials and machine operation costs. Therefore, we generally offer you a discount. Please contact us for specific discount details.

You can cancel at any stage, and we will charge according to the progress of the order

After receiving the inquiry, our project manager will contact you via email and make a professional quotation to send to you for reference after the engineering team.

We will evaluate the price according to the processing difficulty of the drawings: we will give the unit price, shipping cost, total amount and lead time. If there is a need for adjustment, we will make a note on the order and inform you.

Order Process:
1. You confirm the production drawings and production quantities.
2. We submit the price list for your confirmation.
3. After confirming the order, we make an invoice with bank account for you to pay.
4. We start to arrange the production on the same day or the next day after receiving the payment.
5. After the production is completed, we take photos or videos of the parts for your confirmation.
6. After receiving the reply, we send out the goods, the tracking number is usually updated to you on the same day or the next day at the latest.
7. After the goods are sent, we will continue to follow up the order until the order is perfect.

Regarding Payment

Bank transfer or PayPal. We will provide the correct account information for verification before you prepare to pay.

We have different prepayment policies for different customers. Our VIP customers will enjoy more favorable treatment.

Regarding Shipment

According to your needs, we will provide you with personalized transportation solutions:

For small batch orders, you can choose international express or air transportation services such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc., and enjoy a fast and convenient transportation experience.

For large volume or heavy orders, we will recommend more economical transportation methods such as sea transportation and trucks.

Yes, when the goods are shipped, we will give you the logistics number for tracking on the same day, or update the logistics number to you the next day at the latest.

Yes, we have established long-term good cooperative relations with UPS, Fedex, DHL, and will strive for priority delivery for your orders.

We can ship to every region in the world, mainly to North America, Europe, Australia, and Southeast Asia. As long as the transportation company can reach the place, we will provide you with high-quality transportation services.

Yes, we can provide insurance for our products. If you have this requirement, please let us know when placing your order.

Normally, you can receive the goods within 3-7 days.

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