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DLC Coating Services

The low friction coefficient of DLC coatings reduces resistance between surfaces, providing durability to components like tools and mechanical parts.

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Custom Parts with DLC Coating

We produce DLC-coated products with extreme hardness comparable to natural diamonds-- resisting surface damage and extending the lifespan of components that experience friction, sliding, or abrasive wear.

DEK uses cutting-edge technology to ensure precision and reliability in every project. With our team's more than 20 years of experience, we understand DLC coating intricacies and provide customized solutions for your specific needs, whether it's hardness, wear resistance, or low friction.

Quality is a non-negotiable priority; our DLC coating processes meet or exceed industry standards. We commit to quick turnaround times without compromising quality. DEK offers cost-effective solutions, making high-quality DLC coating accessible. We provide superior DLC coating services that enhance the performance and lifespan of your components in CNC machining.

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More About DLC Coating

What’s DLC Coating?

Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) coating is a thin layer applied to surfaces, mainly metals, to enhance their properties. It consists of carbon and hydrogen, mimicking the structure of natural diamonds. DLC is known for its hardness, low friction, and chemical inertness.

It's applied using methods like chemical vapor deposition or physical vapor deposition. This coating is used in industries such as automotive and aerospace, where it improves wear resistance and durability of components like engine parts and cutting tools.

Additionally, biocompatible DLC variants are utilized in medical applications, including coatings for implants. DLC coatings provide a balance of hardness and protective qualities across various sectors.

Advantages of DLC Coating

  • Enhanced hardness
  • Increased wear resistance
  • Improved corrosion resistance
  • Low friction coefficient
  • Extended tool life
  • Enhanced cutting performance
  • Versatile application across materials
  • Reduced friction and heat generation

Design Considerations for DLC Coating

  • Choose compatible metals, ceramics, or polymers.
  • Thoroughly clean and prep the substrate for better adhesion.
  • Select CVD or PVD based on application needs.
  • Use pre-treatments or interlayer coatings to enhance adhesion.
  • Customize for intended hardness and wear resistance.
  • Ensure the coating withstands the intended temperature range.
  • Implement strict quality control during and after coating.
  • Customize for specific needs like conductivity or biocompatibility.


DLC Coating FAQs

DLC coating is known for its durability, and while wear is possible over time, it offers excellent resistance compared to other coatings.
DLC coating can be expensive due to the advanced technology involved in the deposition process and its benefits in terms of hardness and wear resistance.
DLC coatings can vary in appearance. While they can have a shiny or glossy finish, it depends on the specific type and application.
DLC coating is thin and adds minimal thickness to the substrate.
DLC coating is considered safe for food contact, but it's essential to ensure compliance with specific regulations and standards depending on the intended use.

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