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High Quality Injection Molding Service

We specialize in custom tooling, mold manufacturing, and medium to high-volume injection molding. We also offer secondary operations, surface finishing, and assembly services.

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Injection Molding Services for Protptypes or Custom Parts

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We can do both low and high volume injection molding. Our capabilities are rapid tooling, production tooling, family molds, single cavity molds, multi-cavity molds, overmolding, insert molding, and part IMD&IML.

DEK is a certified injection molding company producing custom molds, tooling, part manufacturing, and finishing operations. With over 20 years of experience, we are a reliable supplier to different companies across the globe in medical, aerospace, food and beverage, construction, agriculture, and other industries.

Using the latest injection molding machines, we can produce products from very small to large sizes, our clamping force from 55 to 1,650 tons with up to 64 cavities, the shot sizes from 3 to 600 oz., finished part weights can range from 4 grams to 24 lbs.

We'll keep you informed at every step, from quoting to production and delivery, so you can easily know the status of your order.

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Our Highlights

High Quality

Expert in premium injection molding, creating high-quality parts. Our skilled engineers conduct DfM and mold flow analysis for each order, ensuring rational design and production for your plastic parts.

Low Cost

We can help you with the design, mold production, testing, production, finishing, assembly, packaging, and delivery– all with up to 70% cost savings.

Excellent Service

You are our #1 top priority. We make sure to respond quickly and help with all your project needs. We aim to exceed your expectations.


Wide Range of Materials

Materials compatible with injection molding include metals like aluminum, brass, copper, and steel, as well as various plastics such as ABS, acrylic, nylon and so on.

Surface Finishing

Versatile Surface Finishing Options

Explore a wide range of surface finishing options ideal for injection molding service. Achieve the desired texture and appearance for your precision parts and components.
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Injection Molding Insights

What is Injection Molding?

Injection molding is a manufacturing method where molten material, often plastic, is injected into a specially designed mold to produce a wide range of parts and products.

The process involves melting raw material, injecting it into the mold under high pressure, allowing it to cool and solidify, and then ejecting the finished product. The mold, made of metal, determines the shape of the final item. This technique creates complex and precise components with high efficiency and speed.

What are the Pros of Injection Molding?


  • Enables rapid production cycles for mass production.
  • Produces intricate designs with high precision, including fine details and textures.
  • Suitable for a wide range of materials, offering versatility in material selection.
  • Initial tooling costs may be high, but per-unit costs decrease significantly for large production runs.
  • Generates minimal material waste, with excess material often recyclable.
  • Ensures consistent product quality with minimal variation between individual parts.
  • Easily automated for high-volume production to meet market demands.
  • Allows for the production of parts with complex geometries and intricate details.
  • Offers a range of surface finishes without the need for secondary operations.
  • Some complex parts can be produced as a single piece, reducing the need for assembly.
  • Exhibits excellent strength and durability, depending on the chosen material.

When do you use Injection Molding?

In the automotive sector, it is used to manufacture interior elements like dashboard panels and exterior parts such as bumpers. The consumer electronics industry benefits from injection molding in producing device casings and intricate electronic components.

In the medical field, the method is used for manufacturing medical device components and precision parts for diagnostic equipment. Packaging applications involve the creation of plastic containers, caps, and packaging inserts.

From toys and games to aerospace components, injection molding produces items like action figures, aircraft interiors, and specialized parts for space exploration. Its usage extends to appliances, construction materials, sporting goods, and household items, manufacturing diverse products with complex designs, precision, and consistency in large volumes.

Our Ordering Process

Different from the Internet quote platforms, we produce and complete all the details of your parts in our own factory. Each step is professional and reliable, ensuring you can rest assured.
Send RFQ

Send RFQ with 2D/3D drawings and detailed requirements via Email or online form.

Review & Quote

Our Engineer team will review every drawing carefully and provide an accurate quote within 6 hours.

Confirm Order

Confirm the quote, details and delivery schedule, then sign the contract.


Arrange production process, start programming and machining.

Quality Control

Strict quality control during production and final inspection.

Packaging & Shipping

Pack the parts, attach part identification labels, and start shipping.

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Injection Molding Buying FAQs

We have many available materials, including thermoplastics, thermosetting polymers, and elastomers. Common examples include ABS, polyethylene, and polycarbonate.
We offer design for manufacturability (DFM) feedback to optimize part designs for the injection molding process.
We can accommodate both low-volume prototyping and high-volume production runs.
We can provide different surface finishes, including smooth, textured, or custom finishes. You can discuss your specific requirements with our team.
Factors like mold complexity, material selection, and part intricacy influence tooling costs. We also offer tooling options, such as aluminum molds for prototype runs.
We support the use of recycled materials, contributing to sustainability initiatives. It's important to discuss specific material requirements for your project.
Our expert team uses techniques like adjusting mold design, optimizing processing parameters, and employing cooling strategies to minimize issues like warping and sink marks.
We follow specific industry standards and hold certifications such as ISO 9001 to ensure the quality and consistency of our processes.

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