Ultra Precision Machining

When other machining shops are trying their best to reach tolerance ±0.01mm, we already have made ±0.001mm as our daily standard.

Why We Set Up Ultra Precision Machining Department?

In the past 20 years, some customers in high-quality mold, optical, medical, aerospace, and other fields were always disturbed by high-precision parts, because 99% of suppliers CAN NOT reach high-precision requests, only a few can make but the price is super expensive.

So we set up a high-precision machining department, use the precision grinders to produce close tolerance parts, and solve their problems.

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Why Products Need Ultra Precision Machining?

Reduce friction, improve durability, and improve product quality. For example, the pursuit of higher precision for precision shafts can achieve more silent, higher speed and longer service life.

The tight tolerance cannot be seen with the naked eye, but it will affect your machine parts’ performance.

What We Can Do?

Our precision machining department is set up for high-end precision parts and meets most of the precision needs.

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Types of Machining Processes We Use

Mostly, after the parts are roughed on the lathe and grinder, we will move the parts to the centerless grinding and honing workshop for ultra precision grinding. Grinding is one of the best processing methods to ensure accuracy and the tightest tolerance.

What Product Need Ultra Precision Machining?

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No, we make ultra precision machining services on-demand. Even if only 1 piece, we are happy to do it.

It is simple, you can send your drawings and requests via our quotation form in 2 minutes, or you can send all requests to our email directly (quote@dekmake.com).


Then you will get our response within 4 hours.

We will pack each product individually, and use a hard tube or plastic shell to protect them, so as to avoid bumps during transportation. We recommend using DHL, UPS, and FedEx to transport your goods.

Of course can. We agree and are happy to provide samples for testing.

Yes, the inspection report can be provided if you request it.


We will test each point according to the drawing, every product will be tested, not the sampling test.


Before leaving our factory, we will 100% test that it meets your requirements. After you receive the goods please feedback to us ASAP, if they fail your test, we will continue to produce until it passes.

We Make ±0.001mm As A Daily Standard

Have a precision project on hand? Send your drawings and requests to us today, then you will get an amazing price in a short time!