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Precision EDM Services To Machined Your Parts Reliably

DEK is a leading supplier of Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) services, we specialized in EDM technology, and take EDM machining to new heights. With our precision Sink EDM and Wire EDM machines, we can create your precision, small, complex parts reliably, timely, and cost-effectively.

Our state-of-the-art equipment and programming software give us the tools to complete complex projects with tighter tolerances and quicker turnarounds than other facilities. DEK’s Sink EDM Services, Wire Cut EDM Services and Small Hole EDM Services are ideal for machining extremely hard materials with tight tolerances, small internal radii, and complex shapes that cannot be machined by any other method.

DEK’s EDM machining services have been applied in mold, medical, aerospace, defense, automotive, electronics applications, and many more. Whether your project requires wire EDM or die sinker EDM machining, we can guarantee the tight tolerances. And our EDM services can be combined with other machining services, such as turning, milling, grinding, finishing, heat treating, surface coating, and assembly for a complete, end-to-end solution. For more information, please feel free to contact our engineering team.

Precision EDM Machining Services

Types of EDM Machining Services

Sink EDM

Sink EDM

Our sinker EDM services offer the ability to produce complex shapes without inducing stresses into the material and provide low-risk machining solutions for dies, molds, or parts with previous machining or labor hours.

Wire EDM

Wire EDM

We offer precision wire EDM for an array of industries and applications. Our wire cut EDM machines have the capacity to run multiple wire sizes, enable us to provide repeatable quality parts and components from any type of conductive material.

Small Hole EDM

Small Hole EDM

Our small hole EDM drilling service is ideal processing solution for fuel injectors, cooling holes in turbine engine blades, vent holes in Mirco molds, micro ejector holes in hardened punches, medical and surgical instruments, etc.

Top 8 Advantages of EDM Machining

Tight Tolerance

EDM offers exceptional profile accuracy, with tolerances as tight as ±0.0001″ in easily obtainable.


EDM can create shapes and contours that other types of machines cannot.


EDM can be used on any conductive material, whether it has been hardened or not, including stainless steel, titanium, tungsten, copper, carbide, and tool steels.


Because of the speed with which designs can be updated, EDM is suitable for a variety of rapid prototyping applications.


EDM is a precision machining process with no cutting force applied to the workpiece. It allows producing finely detailed parts that would be impossible to achieve with conventional cutting methods.


The surface of a piece machined with EDM can be as smooth and consistent as 4Ra without polishing, eliminating the need for secondary operations in many applications.


EDM is suitable for cutting hardened materials. Forms can be machined after heat treating is complete, eliminating the problem of distortion caused by heat treat.


EDM offers a cost-effective, highly repeatable method of producing multiple complex parts. Our EDM equipment supports “light-out,” round-the-clock operation, so DEK can deliver your parts faster.

Available Material For EDM Machining

We can handle your precision parts from any conductive material, from stainless and alloy steel to aluminum, copper, iron, and high strength, high-temperature metals such as Inconel, molybdenum, and others.

DEK is A Professional EDM Company That You Can Trust

Gapless Communication

You can communicate seamlessly with our English and Spanish sales team, and your requirements will be transferred to the engineering team clearly.

Positive Services

Positive after-sales service and solutions. Never shirk responsibility, our team will take the initiative to deal with problems.

Fast Response

You can get a quick quote within 4 hours. And we offer rapid EDM machining service, you parts will be send out as fast as 3 days or less.

Reduce Cost

We will reduce your 40%-60% purchase cost by investing in the finest EDM machines, improving production efficiency, and purchasing raw materials in bulk.

High Precision

By hiring true professionals and not just standard workers to operate our EDM machines, to ensure we will met your precision requirements.

On-demand Production

From 1 to 100k+, no matter prototype production, low volume manufacturing, or mass production, our EDM machining services can support you to achieve.

Cilents & Feedbacks​

DEK is my only choice for injection mold that requires precision EDM Machining service. Our company has used DEK's EDM services for a lot of mold and mold parts, they are able to help us out with an extremely quick turn around time and pricing within the cost allowed. In addition, the parts fit perfectly. Fast and friendly service!


Mr.Han - Engineer Leader of Silver Basis

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