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All You Need to Know About CNC Machining Polypropylene

Austin Peng
Published 5 Jul 2024

Are you searching for reliable quality of your Polypropylene machined product? Want to maintain the quality of your product with the best mechanical properties?

To that end, we have gathered all the knowledge related to CNC machining Polypropylene to guide you.

Continue reading this article to get the detailed information that will help you in choosing the right manufacturer.

Let’s begin.

What is Polypropylene?


Polypropylene is an eco-friendly polymer and its monomer is called as Polypylene.

Furthermore, polypropylene exists as a white-coloured hard solid under some standard conditions for temperature and pressure (STP).

Technically, this plastic polymer consists of a thermoplastic property thus, it softens on heating and can be remoulded in any shape and form.

Additionally, polypropylene plastic stays non-polar and holds a partly crystalline arrangement.

Moreover, polypropylene is mainly composed of a chain-growth polymerization reaction with Polypropylene.

Despite similar chemical and physical properties of polypropylene and polyethylene, polypropylene possesses greater heat resistance than polyethylene.

However, the hardness and toughness of polypropylene are likewise higher than that of polythene plastic.

Can Polypropylene be Machined?


Polypropylene can be machined by CNC machining, as it has graced as one of the most leading polymer suppliers.

Furthermore, Polypropylene is used in many industries due to its versatile properties, including automotive, commercial, medical, etc.

Moreover, DEK manufacturers are maintaining high standards by providing quality CNC Machining Polypropylene services.

Have a look at the steps of this service:

CNC Milling Services

DEK proposes accuracy in CNC milling services by keeping an eye on every character, including prototyping, mass production run, low volume fabrication, etc.

Consequently, their advanced machining workshop has an order of 3-axis, 4-axis, and 5-axis.

Furthermore, these CNC milling machines can create multiple complex products, including rods and machining tools that can perform with 3-dimensional axes.

Commercially, these machines facilitate contemporary cuts on the axes for fast production and modified and complex shaping.

CNC Turning Services

Generally, CNC turning services are applicable for a wide range of Polypropylene parts in various sizes.

Technically, various turning machining engines and skills make threading, boring, tapping, contour turning, etc.

Subsequently, these processes are conveniently possible and fit for high-volume manufacturing and rapid prototypes.

CNC Drilling

Commercially, CNC drilling is the best part of the CNC machining service from any machine shop.

With the help of an expert engineering team and the most advanced machines, the process can handle deep hole drilling and small hole drilling operations.

Furthermore, DEK is China’s most reliable and accurate manufacturing company due to the production of high-quality CNC machined parts.

Moreover,  every step of CNC machining is performed under the supervision of an expert team and with the help of advanced machinery.

What Are the Advantages of Polypropylene Machined Parts?


The advantages of CNC machining Polypropylene parts are highlighted below:

Heavy Loads

Generally, CNC machining Polypropylene parts have a high tensile toughness that makes them a useful material for heavy loads, plus they have the power to resist 4800 psi.


Moreover, CNC machining Polypropylene parts have a low density compared to other plastics parts, so manufacturers have the privilege of saving costs from low weight.

Mechanical Strength

Technically, CNC machining Polypropylene parts are used in automotive industries and in heavy machinery that provides mechanical support to the machinery.

FDA Obedient Grades Achievable

As Polypropylene is considered safe material, its machined parts like Polypropylene sheets are used in the manufacturing of food plates.

Thus, these food items are considered FDA obedient, making them suitable for the food industry.

Impact Resistance

Typically, the CNC machining Polypropylene parts have shock absorbance power that ultimately protects the product they are used in.

Due to this impact resistance quality of CNC machining Polypropylene parts is considered more reliable than other plastics.

Moisture Resistance

The most favourable advantage that makes Polypropylene applicable in almost all industries, especially in the sanitary department, is its water-resistant property.

Due to their moisture resistance quality, they are used in underground pipelines and the making of other sanitary and renovation products.

What Are The Applications Of Polypropylene Machined Parts?


The applications of CNC machining Polypropylene parts are stated below:

Applications Packaging

Due to high durability and good applications, Polypropylene is utilized extensively for packaging and exterior coatings.

Consequently, the Polypropylene machined parts are beneficial for flexible plus rigid packaging applications.

Application In Consumer Goods

Commonly, Polypropylene machined parts are applied to manufacture consumer goods, including furniture(bed cupboard, food containers, and many more.

Besides, they are playing a role in manufacturing effective and reliable electronic products.

Moreover, Polypropylene has a low level of electrical conductivity that is the reason it is an ideal choice in certain use circumstances.

Application in Automotive

Practically, Polypropylene machined parts are used for automotive applications due to their low cost, excellent mechanical properties, and moldability.

Moreover, products like bumpers, battery cases and screen liners etc., also use Polypropylene for textures and materials like tape or straps.

Application in Sanitary and Renovation

Normally, Polypropylene machined parts are highly recommended and used in the sanitary and renovation departments.

Furthermore, the whole sanitary system depends on Polypropylene parts, whether the pipeline or tap fixing nut all are manufactured with Polypropylene.

Medical Applications

Polypropylene machined parts are applicable in the medical department because of their high chemical and bacterial resistance power.

Mainly, they are used as disposable syringes. In addition, they are also helpful for specimen bottles, food trays, utensils, and more.

Industrial Applications

Lastly,  Polypropylene parts application is used, in the industry, such as chemical tanks, sheets, pipes tubes, etc.

Furthermore, Polypropylene machined parts are successfully working for these products due to their high tensile strength, and temperature and corrosion resistance.

Does DEK Offer CNC Machining Polypropylene Services?

DEK  offers CNC machining Polypropylene services, plus they are one of the leading manufacturers of China dealing with CNC machining services so far.

Moreover, they offer both low and high mass production of Polypropylene parts with exactness and accuracy.

Furthermore,  DEK uses the highest quality of raw materials in Polypropylene in CNC machining services and maintains higher accuracy levels.

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