Metal Laser cutting services for diverse industries: Precision and smooth finish within the budgetary and timely constraints

With ultra-modern laser cutting machines and innovative technical expertise, we are committed to render any metal sheet cutting services with small volume or mass production runs.

Precision metal laser cutting services from China's trusted company to make your shapes and designs come alive!

Backed by 19+ years of industry experience and blameless work-history, DEK offers optimum quality custom laser cutting services for our honored customers coming from a wide range of industries. Our service has been widely acknowledged by all our domestic and international clients owing to its flexibility, reliability, and promptness.

Our state-of-the-art CNC laser machinery and certified machinists, can cut anything from thick sheets of steel to delicate aluminum foils. Our ever-expanding inventory mainly comprises CO2 gas lasers and Fiber Lasers. Equipped with up to 6000 Watts of laser cutting power, our tools can cut up to the thickness of 5-30 mm depending on the type of metal, can cut on the work-area of 3000 to 6000 mm, and can produce tolerance of +/-0.001”.

Metal Laser Cutting Parts

our Metal Laser Cutting Capabilities

In order to offer premium quality parts and the greatest ROI for our customers, DEK has followed the international market trends and invested in the latest innovative technologies.

Unlike Oxy-fuel, water jet, and plasma cutting devices, a CNC laser cutter renders the cleanest and the most precise style of cutting. The non-contact cutting method allows us to fabricate components with reduced cost, higher speed, rapid repetition or change in design, minimum heat affected zone (HAZ), narrow kerf (≤ 0.004”/0.1 mm), burr-free holes and edges, less material waste, and no need for subsequent finishing operations.

2D/ Flat CNC Laser Cutting

Flatbed cutting, which also goes by ‘2D cutting’, is the most commonly applied form of laser cutting for metal sheets of any workable size. Whether it’s for OEM or replacement part markets, DEK is a trusted provider of custom 2D laser cutting services. Our state-of-the-art automated 2D lasers can process flat metals of various thicknesses with great accuracy and higher cutting speed. We also employ specialized CAD/CAM nesting software for optimizing the material utilization and for maximizing the number of components crafted from a metal sheet. Additionally, we possess an automated load and unload system, which reduces the time needed for exchanging materials and clearing off scrap metal.

Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Services
Metal Tube Laser Cutting Services

3D / Tube CNC Laser Cutting

If the component’s geometry doesn’t support the use of a 2D laser, DEK’s multi-axis laser cutting services stand as the final solution. Whether it’s for OEM or replacement part markets, DEK is a trusted provider of custom 3D laser cutting services. 3D laser cutting is employed to cut holes, slots, corners, and other various features in tubes, beams, angles, and channels. We can make any part geometry come alive and meet the accuracy your designs require. Since we provide specialized tube cutting services, you will receive optimum benefit from the synthesis of modern laser tube cutting equipment and skilled craftsmanship for a streamlined process that reduces budget, accelerates cycle times, and expands design scope.

Common Metals for CNC laser cutting

DEK’s laser cutting department is well-equipped with ultra-modern technology and certified professionals, thereby allowing our clients to choose from a variety of metals and its alloys across a wide range of weight, strength, corrosion-resistance and conductivity. Apart from the commonly used metals/alloys, we capable of cutting almost any of the metals/alloys specified by our clients with an accuracy of +/- 0.005”. The maximum workable sheet thickness will vary depending on the material and generally ranges from 5 mm to 30 mm.



Steel is one of the most common metals which is employed by various industries around the globe. It is especially dominant in construction, automotive, and aerospace industries. If you pair steel and DEK’s laser cutting services, you open yourself up to unending precision cut possibilities. Whether it is stainless steel, mild steel or alloy steel, DEK’s advanced laser cutters will have no problem working with them.



Aluminum is another most common metal which is employed by various industries around the globe. It is commonly used in aerospace, electronics, cookware and packaging industries. Aluminum is a reflective metal and it can cause damage to the laser itself by reflecting back the wavelength. So, proper expertise and advanced fiber lasers with very small wavelength are required to work with it. DEK is the one-stop laser cutting shop which provides both of the required features.

Our Metal Laser Cutting Capabilities Are Ideal For a Wide Variety of Industries

Many industries around the globe are gradually shifting towards laser cutting technology since it is offering more advantages such as flexibility, precision, tight-tolerance, smooth finish, minimal scrap, increased productivity, and design complexity. The switch to laser cutting can save time and lower costs whether it is for prototyping or full-fledged production.

Metal Laser Cutting Service -1

Metal Laser Cutting For Automotive Industry

Each year, around 80 million automobiles are sold globally which is the equivalent to 220,000 automobiles a day. There are myriad different parts and pieces involved in each step of the manufacturing process. Additionally, exact replicas of each part are required for mass production. The assembling of such intricate parts is possible only because of precision laser cutting. Metal automobile parts, such as brakes, doors, exhaust pipes, etc. can be processed precisely by laser metal cutting tools.  Even part numbers and serial numbers can be recorded onto manufactured pieces. Hydroformed parts, which are usually 3D pieces used to create the instrument panels or the engine frames, are made using laser cutting technology.

Metal Laser Cutting For Aerospace Industry

The aerospace industry entails aircraft, military, and space exploration. Accuracy and precision are the strict primary requirements of the aerospace industry because of the critical nature of its mission. Laser-cutting technology has been used to cut aluminum, titanium, and stainless steel for aerospace engineering since the 1970s. Exceptionally intricate parts must be cut and microscopic holes have to be drilled. High-strength aluminum alloys along with various rare metals have to be cut with a low HAZ and tight tolerance. These requirements can only be satisfied by laser cutters.

Metal Laser Cutting Service -4
Metal Laser Cutting Service -7

Metal Laser Cutting For Medical Industry

From beds and trolleys, through aluminum brackets and diagnostic equipment to orthopedic rods and surgical instruments, laser-cut metal is employed within the medical industry. Flexible shafts, bone reamers, vascular clips, valve framers, hones, and stents are all manufactured using precision laser cutting technology. Nowadays, Titanium is gaining popularity because of its biocompatible nature and the ability to join with human bone. It is customized and actively being used in surgical tools as well as orthopedic rods, plates, and pins.

Metal Laser Cutting For Electronics Industry

The exponential explosion of the digital age has been shrinking the electronic components of PCs, laptops, phones, microphones, cameras, etc. Owing to this reason laser cutting has replaced the conventional cutting methods that depended on the judgment of human eyes. The primary reason behind the widespread use of laser technology in this industry is its ability to cut tiny and intricate parts, ability to quickly switch between multiple applications and materials, ability to cause minimum heat damage to the surrounding area. and the ability to provide a smooth finish and reliable end-product. Multi-layer circuit boards, microSD cards, and polished metal cases of gadgets are some of the popular application areas.

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Metal Laser Cutting For Construction Industry

The Construction industry is a giant domain that is full of regulations along with precise requirements. The components that are used to build any project must meet the industry-recognized standard. Whether it’s the scaffolds or the finished stairways, balconies, windows and doors, or even the cranes that carry the raw materials, there are sufficient niches for tubular laser cutting, flatbed laser cutting, metal folding, edge rounding, etc.

Metal Laser Cutting For Jewelry Industry

Jewelry is also one of the creative users that has reaped the benefits of precision laser cutting technology. Creating rings, bracelets, or pendants of exact diameter, depth, and width is conveniently done by the laser.  Various intricate and delicate designs can be engraved onto the exterior and interior surface of the piece by using a thin stream of smaller laser tools.

Metal Laser Cutting Service -6
Metal Laser Cutting Service -3

Metal Laser Cutting For Kitchenware/Catering Industry

Despite the fact that a few people might relate the kitchenware/catering industry to the metal laser cutting industry, many people have a tendency to go for innovative and sleek designs of kitchen utensils. Most of the tools in the catering kitchen is manufactured using laser cut 430- grade stainless steel.

Apart from these industries, there are various other industries where metal laser cutting technology has a strong foothold. For example, advertising, interior designing, lighting, fitness, stencils, mining, agriculture, defense, furniture, sculpture, etc. Welcome to get a quote.

Why More Than 2300+ Clients ♥️ DEK


Quality Assurance

DEK is proudly an ISO 9001:2015 | ISO 9013:2017 certified company which means we don't compromise on precision, efficiency, safety, and risk management. On all our projects we deliver standard quality products along with exceptional customer service. Our products can withstand any tests of any sector that requires our service.



Our 'lights out', 24/7 laser cutting capacity renders us the privilege to respond swiftly to the market pressure through efficient and faster production of the ordered custom parts. Additionally, our design department carries out the design or modification of the project with ease and speed because of the exclusion of tooling rework.


Economical Rate

Leveraging on two decades of expertise and utilizing the high-performance laser cutter, we offer best in class Metal Laser Cutting Services within the pocket friendly price. DEK's automated multi-axis laser cutters can eliminate the possibility of manual labor, multiple tooling/setups, material wastage, and secondary finishing operations. Reduced manufacturing costs results in reduced cost for the customers. We offer volume-discounts also.


Diverse Metals

Our most unique and valuable ability is that we can cut through a wide variety of metals (including highly reflective metals) and their alloys. We can laser cut mild steel, copper, brass, gold, nitinol, aluminum, titanium, etc. We can also source excellent quality metals/alloys from the trusted vendors of the industry.


Customized Solution

Capitalizing on our modern technology and in-depth knowledge of the industry, our team of professionals periodically communicates with our esteemed patrons to fully comprehend the requirements and provide an exceptional customized solution, no matter how intricate the designs. Our skilled technicians and designers can cut any designs/geometric shapes specified by you or undertake the designing/shaping projects from scratch.


Unwavering Precision

Because of our high-tech machines and trained team of technicians, we can turn our customer's 3D models or 2D models or even sample pieces into the finished parts that hold tolerances from +/- 0.005" up to +/- 0.001" depending on the materials. You can expect narrow kerf, super-clean, and burr-free holes/edges along with minimal heat affected zone. We make use of various CMM inspection tools and our precision components require no post-processing operations.



Unlike other companies, there's no minimum order quantity regarding our metal laser cutting services. We will support you to make parts anywhere from 1 to 100,000+. You won't find this kind of flexibility with other companies and suppliers.


Value-added Services

Our facilities are well-lit, well-sanitized, and temperature-controlled owing to our strict management policies. You can track quality assurance, cutting, and shipping processes from your laptop or phone. We eliminate your need to keep stocks by holding inventory for you. If you are not 100% content with the output, we'll remake your parts or give you a refund on the spot.

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DEK has been incessantly providing precision metal laser cutting services under the stringent supervision of our highly experienced professionals employing top-notch tools and innovative metal cutting techniques.

We can often fabricate your parts same-day. If you are not sure about the design of your product or the suitable material, we are just one click away to help you make the correct decision ‘free-of-cost’. Be the first one to receive discounts, coupons, and special offers!!!